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I just "discovered" A Bra That Fits late November, 2014. For years, at least ten years, I thought ... I was and bought 32b. I currently measure in at a 28e/f or 30dd/e. I now like and seek out underwired bras!!
I am above all other qualities, wide and tall rooted. I'm also somewhat shallow shaped and I'm pretty sure I'm FoB. I have what some call "stealth boobs" because their appearance belies the volume.
I've learned that because I am wide rooted, when a cup is too small on me, i get side boob or underarm "fat" instead of quad boobing like FoT ladies do.
I welcome suggestions on fitting or just to geek out on bras. My best fits are Freya/Fauve half cups and the Natori Feathers (just a smidge shallow but love that low gore!). The Cleo Juna used to be a favorite until I realised the gore was too high 😔. I often have to buy 30dd because 28 bands are so hard to come by

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