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<------Wearing the 60L PL Lilia with an extender. Could probably do with a 65KK, but still works amazingly.

It's ... been near a year, or over, since I have edited this and much has changed.

I am now just about a 30K/KK across the brands and so a good few sizes larger than I had been when writing this last. My preferences haven't changed much other than appreciating what a good non-padded bra can do shape-wise(looking at you Freya Antoinette and Ewa Michalak's SMs). I have come to realize that my shape does better with padded, though. My soft tissue breasts do well being molded than being left to their own devices.

Over the course of my time in properly fitting bras, I've experienced that Ewa Michalak has the best fitting bras for me. I have high set breasts, so of course even wearing EM means I have major alteration to do for the straps to be comfortable and short enough to suit me. But the contruction of the bras themselves, work for me. Curvy Kate doesn't do well on me in the non-padded and it's unfortunate that the padded only go up to a J cup. Freya's construction changes drastically H+. Panache has too wide wires for me. And that's another thing! Even with wide roots, I need the narrow wires of Comexim!

My search for well fitting bras is far from over as I'm constantly growing and having to sell and buy new sizes. Though with my current financial situation, I've decided to stick to EM models that I've become familiar with to keep from having to trial and error with expensive lingerie.

I would love a bra with a low gore, centered, short and wide straps, narrow wires, low wing height, moderate and reasonable cup height with good depth, and a thick band with 4+ hooks to hold up my 10+lbs breasts.

My breast type:
high on chest
wide root
soft tissue
average base

What I dislike:
high gores
full coverage
high wires

What I like:
Moulded/padded cups
bands with 3+ hooks
thick straps
medium/low height gore
plunge and balcony cut

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