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My biggest problem with bras is that if the cup is big enough, it's likely to be too ... tall and wide to be comfortable. My Cleos are comfortable in 28FF, but if I go to a 28G it'll need to be Polish.

I think I have short roots, average projection, even FOT/FOB, lots of inner fullness but little outer fullness. When I do the horizontal mirror test, my nipple points at the mirror.

My larger breast measures 8.5-9", but my best fitting cups are 9.5-10". I attribute this to the fact that all wires (even Comexim) are wider than I need, so I have a lot of unused cup space on my sides.

All my "Marcie clones" fit similarly except for band tightness and closure at the top section of the cup due to the lace/mesh used. Others I've tried are included on this list cause why not?

The 28FF Cleo list:

Minnie = perfect!
Marcie= Beige and Magenta/Orange fit perfectly, the black babydoll is very tight in the band.
Izzy = soft lace at top of cups was a little gappy, took it in 1/2 inch of the top of the cup at the gore. Wore with extender for a few weeks, now TTS. Izzy is now perfect!
Zia (30F) = glad I sized up in the band, upper lace is coarser/heavier, meaning not as flat on my smaller breast. Very good on larger breast.
Nyla = weird lace at top of cups that is tighter at both the top edge and the seam with the lower cup, forming a "bubble" in between. Doesn't seem to show under clothes.
Millie = band is still wicked tight after a few months, soft un-angled lace at top of cups allows boobs to migrate to the center to form a boobshelf. Wear with an extender and need to angle the cups somehow...EDIT I angled the cups and it now fits better, but the profile it gives is a little weird.
Pixie = the wires mellowed a bit after washing. The band is still wicked tight and must be worn with a full extender. Lace section was the tallest of my Cleos and gapped. I gathered the lace at the gore and it now fits well.
Darcy = my sleep bra. Really comfy. Really cute. Quads when I'm vertical.
Lily (Parrot) = Actually my favorite minimizer ever. Feel a bit squished, but only minor quad. Ridiculously cute. (My Aqua Lily fits significantly smaller, but I'm keeping it in case my boobs shrink. I also tried (and returned) the Swan Lily, which fit so much larger than the Parrot that I think it might have been a mislabeled 28G.)

Meg= many strange wrinkles in fabric but looks okay under clothes. Was my best fitting bra 6 pounds ago. Runs big in the cups?

Erin (30F) = Band sort of big. Fit is less wrinkly than Meg.

Cleo Kali (Lime)=The straps were too wide and I suspect my inner full boobs would have tried to escape with any movement.

Christina= coveted for a long time. Fits without quadding. Bought, then discovered I prefer unpadded Cleos. Currently listed.

Panache Sport = seems good. slight quad on larger side. need to motivate myself to test.

Freya bras I've tried:

28FF Patsy Plunge (peacock)= Could not fill apex of cup.
28FF Totally Tartan longline= Quadboob
28F Doodle= Quadboob.
28F Deco Honey Jade= Quadboob.
28G Deco Spotlight Indigo= The cup came up too high under my arms and the strap was too wide, both of which I altered. The cup is a little too tall on my smaller breast. Sort of fits and warm in winter!
28FF Deco Lagoon= Quadbood, gaping at the top of the cup, side of cup cut under arms.

CK Bardot babydoll= wide straps, inner cup near gore a little too closed. Similar to Cleo Kali.

Comexim Basic 60HH- Quads on larger side, otherwise okay.
Comexim Pearl Flower Mint 60J- Big 'n tall everywhere compared to the 60HH Basic. Very stretchy material.

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