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Thank you very much for letting me be a part of your group! I love bras! ... I love to wear them! They are my favorite clothing item! Being able to be a part of a group like Bratabase, and share my joys and struggles with this part of myself with all of you means the difference between living a life of constant depression, and living a life filled with some joy and optimism.

I am male, and I wear bras. I have worn, or at least wanted to wear bras since I was a small child. My recent bra journey found me wearing usually medium and high compression racerback sports, because I felt more comfortable being able to conceal them under my tops. I loved the feel of the strap crossing in between my shoulder-blades, and the feel of compression and controlled bounce on my bust was awesome! Sports bras with smaller molded inserts, or cookies, fit me very well.

As I have continued on my bra journey with you ladies, I have become much more comfortable and less self-conscious about wearing conventional underwire bras, and have been SURPRISED at how well underwire bras fit me, and at the cup-sizes I am wearing!!! I get the same feeling of controlled bounce with a well-fitted underwire bra that I do with my sports bras.

I find I usually fit best into a 38B or 36C, but can fit into smaller band, larger cup bras using extenders. I used to wear only stretch-cups, but am now wearing more molded cups. I try to purchase and wear conventional bras with wide bands with 3 or more hooks, and wider straps. I like the way I can better feel the support of wide bands and straps.

I find, as I have gotten to "know" you Bratabase ladies better, I have gained the self-confidence to wear my conventional underwire bras a lot more of the time. The bras I buy and wear now are pretty as well as functional, and I am also now buying and wearing demi and push-up bras in the winter when I can cover up more with my other clothes. Thank you!

I very much enjoy the way I feel wearing my bras! I feel hugged, supported, completed and secure! Again, THANK YOU for letting me be a part of the Bratabase gang!!! ūüėč

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