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Its been a long journey for me and my bras! i've gone from thinking i was that 38B ... (that sounds so ridiculous now!) to realizing that 34FF-32G is where things fit the best. i havent found The One yet, and my measurements often seem unrelated to what size actually fits me, but im still trying!

Im pretty certain i have:

"Tall" breast tissue, with a low apex (ie, my nipple is lower than most bras are expecting). i used to think i was shallow, but i do have projection, too much for most shallow friendly bras.

i thought i knew the wire width i needed, at 5.5ish inches. but now it seems much wider bras arent having issues, so im confused all over again. i think part of my issue is that i dont have a clearly defined edge where i can see my breast tissue stops, how annoying! i would consider myself average to narrow.

im right between band sizes, so in general i need a stretchy 32 or tight 34. cups that are open at the top (like half cups) are good for me, but they all seem too wide in the wires, and the straps are hellishly far apart!

adding to that, most any gore i try seems too wide. i can see it shoving side to side when i wear it, and throughout the day it disturbs the fit of the bra. im guessing my breasts are either close set or center full, as the one bra i have that has an overlapping gore doesnt cause me issues there.

if anyone finds a magical bra that fits my needs, please throw it at me :) one day i'll find a winner!

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