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All listings » 28G Cleo Harry set

Cleo Harry (5161)

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  1. Sale $22.00 Closed on June 25 2019

Beautiful and rare soft/seamed half cup from Cleo! It’s so pretty and light! Band is too snug for me, but adding extender changes the fit of the cups. Boo.

Price includes matching thong in small.

I’m open to exchanges! Preference is Polish bras - Comexim 65HH/J or 70H/HH and Ewa Michalak 65FF/70F. Will consider other brands - make me an offer!

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band73.7
Band Length57.2
Cup width13.7
Cup depth24.6
Wire length26.9
Cup height16.5
Cup separation1.9
Gore height7.6
Wing height9.7
Strap width1.5

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Owner's review

This bra comes from VioletIridescence and is one of the bras I have been super curious about over the last year and a half. I considered getting a 30E from eBay once when I was smaller.

This is definitely an interesting style. It’s pretty old and among the only seamed half cups from Cleo that I’ve ever seen. It’s also from the era which has male names for the styles. I’m sure there’s a good reason why they have bras named Harry and George.

I was a little worried about it being too small in the band because it is a 28 instead of a 30, but it ... looked like it was at the lower edge of my stretched band comfort zone. It simultaneously fits and does not fit. I don’t think I have any problem with the actual band tension, but it’s quite a bit of pressure on my sternum as a result. I’m not sure if it’s a painful gore simply because it’s a bit tight in the band, too tall of a gore, or if it’s the trademark hard Panache/Cleo wires. It’s likely a bit of everything.

The cups of this one are too tall for me by a half inch or so, I think. My roots are functionally short because I have softer, deflated upper tissue. It’s not gaping a ton, though it is more noticeable on my small side. One thing that I have noticed is that I am sort of flattened in the middle near the gore. Is this a sign that it’s not deep enough for my center full tissue at the gore? I’m also getting a bit of a compressed look from the side, though I’m honestly not mad about that. It’s a good thing under specific tops, I think. Sometimes you don’t want to be looking like a bra tent. Wires are pretty good. Maybe a touch wide, but within my comfort level. Cup depth seems optimal so I don’t think it would fit better in a size down. It’s a tiny bit shallow on me which might be the 28 band. It’s still pretty projected at the wire, I think.

The aesthetics of this bra are stunning! I’m not usually a fan of white bras, but it’s got some pretty buttercup yellow and powder blue embroidery and the straps have a nice split detail on the straps. The half cup shape is really beautiful! I just adore how it looks.

Sadly, I don’t think it is right for me. I think I might have to take a break from Panache/Cleo as I am just not feeling well with the hard wires anymore. Not sure if it’s just summer or what, but I just don’t think I can tolerate it. I don’t think my measurements have changed but I’m due to remeasure.

I’m going to pass this set on, I think. I am just too sensitive for it right now.

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