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All listings » 65FF - Ewa Michalak » Bm Cabernet

Ewa Michalak Bm Cabernet

Exchange or sell USD $40.00

[Used] Shipping from Canada

Ships from Canada

I’ve lost 15 pounds since January and I no longer fit in most of my bras. This is a lovely wine coloured BM, as the name suggests. Colour is mixed between the two shades shown.

Open to trade for Ewas in 65F/70E or Comexim in 65H/70G (65 bands must stretch to 29” without the wires distorting)

Message me for shipping quotes.

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band73.7
Band Length55.9
Cup width13.3
Cup depth24.1
Wire length24.8
Cup height17.8
Cup separation1.5
Gore height6.1
Wing height9.5
Strap width1.3

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Owner's review

Well, I’ve had this bra for close to a month now, so it’s probably time for me to write my review of it. What do you think? Yeah? It’s been a little difficult to get into the right space to do this, and partly because I have so many feelings about this bra. But here I am now, laying it all out now.

The background of the bra is that this is the first brand new Ewa Michalak bra I’ve purchased. Everything else prior has been from the listings or a Facebook group. But those were all HUGELY instrumental in making this purchase, and I couldn’t have done ... it without them. But not only is it my first brand new Ewa, it’s also my first BM bra. I pretty much saved my money all summer and fall (because I had used some of it for more used Ewas which were actually the most instrumental in my choosing this size) and then I made the biggest bra gamble of my life to date and bought this bra during the Black Friday sale that Broad Lingerie in Toronto was having. I don’t live in Toronto, but the owner, Sam, was hugely helpful, as was the rest of her staff. I also had a ton of great help here from the members helping me with my decisions. (THANK YOU!) Naturally, I decided to buy this bra in the middle of a postal strike, however the strike was ended soon after and I waited so patiently for this to arrive. I believe that this style is limited to a few specific shops, as it is not on the Ewa website.

And then it came. It was all mine! MINE MINE MINE!

I posted some sneak peak pics in another post when it came, and I got a lot of great feedback that this 65FF is the right size and looked great. I must admit that I am still not 100% sure. A huge part of me wants to try a 65F or 70E. I’m willing to bet that they’ll be too small, but given how my 65F SM Wrozka fits when I am not in high tide and what I know about this cut now, I feel like I might be able to pull it off. But I won’t know anything until I can get one to try. I vacillate between whether I think that it’s a good fit and if it’s not. Sam had suggested that it is pretty good but maybe borderline too big but also unsure if sizing down would work either.

Now let’s veer off a moment and discuss my shape and what I am dealing with. I have tallish roots that are shallow, so I have some functionality of short roots, but sometimes the cutting in problems that can happen with taller roots. My tissue is pretty soft and malleable, and I have center fullness with close-ish set breasts (splayed unsupported). My vertical fullness leans towards the full on bottom side of even. This adds to a more functional shorter root. I’ve had a bit of new growth since fall and my fullness, in particular, has definitely changed some (I am filling out the cups in my 30F Cleo Marcie better than when I got it last spring for example). I have narrowish roots and am pendulous. I need narrow wires with more immediate depth than apex depth.

Now back to this’s a very lovely shade of burgundy, much like the wine for which this was named after. Capturing the true colour on my phone was challenging and none of the pictures show exactly what I see, plus different lighting really makes a difference. I think that it’s closest to what you can see of the lace in the back view of the cups picture and the one with the size tags that follows it. Cups are the standard BM full lace cups with the upper portion being stretch lace lined with stretch tulle. At the straps, she has a folded over bit of satin, fastened with a button in a sort of a bow but not a bow way. The center gore is adorned with a full satin bow and two buttons positioned vertically below it. It’s actually quite cute. Not girly cutesy cute, but just a nice touch. The lace has a bit of a rose pattern to it which I think is a nice touch...because roses and wine go together in a romantic sort of way (but not for me because I get migraines from the scent).

The band is what I believe is power knit mesh based on other reviews, and is fairly snug but stretchy. I was expecting it to be a bit stretchier, to be honest, as this one barely gets to 29” and that’s my minimum comfort measurement. It’s probably like 28.8” or 28.9” in reality but I just marked it 29”. I can wear it but it’s sometimes feeling borderline too tight. I think I would have to go in a few hooks if I was in a 70 band, but both are good and have their issues. This one will probably stretch out with more use soon.

The stretch lace feels quite nice and comfortable...I worry about it stretching out with swoop and scoop. I don’t have any gaps and it is smooth across my upper tissue, but I do wonder if I had a bit more upper fullness if I would fill it out better. This is partly why I am keen to try a cup size down. The straps are on the wide side, but such is life with Ewa. I have to angle them. I also feel like I have to keep them a bit tight for the best shape. They feel better looser but I feel like it compromises the fit. I only really feel like they’re tight initially. Over time, I don’t notice as much, but I’m still trying to get the sweet spot for them. I’m getting nice lift, but feel like maybe not as much as I should or can get? I’m not sure.

The wires feel like they’re a tad bit wide for me, but when I remove the bra, the marks do follow the root. I think that it’s because I have soft tissue, and that I am able to fit into narrower wires because my side tissue can shift forward a bit and still be contained, whereas, with the wires a little wide, my tissue has a bit more room to spread back and out. I would prefer something closer to 5” than this, but this is the edge of my acceptability for wire width. Like, a quarter inch smaller would be ideal.

I think what bothers me the most about the bra is the wrinkles at the wire. I gather that this is common for this style, but I have more wrinkles than I expected, and I think that the lace being stiffer I’m some parts exaggerates it somewhat. I’m doubting that a cup size change will fix this. It’s got decent projection, but just not quite as projected at the wire for me...although maybe slightly too deep at the apex for me as I am getting a somewhat pointy shape, which like I said earlier, might be a problem because I have less upper fullness. The shape definitely more natural, and it looks better under some tops than others. My work scrubs top for my pharmacy shifts is basically a tent so no one can see my shape anyway. Lol

I’m still very glad that I have this. I’m not 100% sure it’s the right size or style for me, but I am keen to try more for bra science. I’m hoping to do a swap for a half lace BM in same cup volume so we’ll see how that works. It’s possible that the tiny bit extra small that the half lace cups fit will be enough. Keep your peepers open for more Ewas and Comexim coming...

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