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Refers to the belief that all bra sizes range from 32-40 bands and all cups are A to DD cups and that anything other than that does not exist. This goes hand in hand with the myth that D/DD cups are huge.

Breaking out of the bra matrix is usually associated with letterphobia as disbelief that they need a cup size bigger than DD.

Matrix sizes

The term "Matrix sizes" is used when talking about sizes in the 32-40/A-DD range. Usually what most brick and mortar stores will carry.

32 32A32B32C32D32DD
34 34A34B34C34D34DD
36 32A36B36C36D36DD
38 32A38B38C38D38DD
40 32A40B40C40D40DD


There are two interpretations of the term "Matrix":

  1. Talking about the table of bra sizes, used as sizing matrices/charts of sizes.
  2. Referencing the Matrix movie, where there is a whole world that exists that you are not aware of. The analogy would be that once you learn about all the new sizes you'd be taking the red pill, also called as "Breaking from the bra matrix"

    You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.


It originates on an old polish bra blog called Stanikowy Matrix where the author explains the Bra Matrix as the sizes that "are stuck in your head, same sizes your breasts are squeezes in".

This is the original blog post: Bra Matrix

The first writing in english comes from the Venusian Glow blog, a few months later she translated for us and explained her discovery on how she was stuck in matrix sizes.