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Why should you think about your bra size? What good does it do?
Well, if you found yourself with any of the fit problems, just resolving that problem may be enough motivation. If not, check out this list of quite convincing arguments:

Health benefits

Especially if you have large breasts, you could be experiencing back and shoulder pain from their weight. You might also, regardless of size, have pain in your breasts while moving (holding your breasts up while walking up or down stairs sound familiar? ;)). A properly fitting bra helps with these problems, it distributes the weight of your breasts so that they’re way easier to carry and inhibits motion which can lead to pain.

Looks & fun

If you never find pretty bras in your size, and think that you can never have a bra that makes you happy just because of its color or pattern, check out the amazing variety of bra models added to bratabase. :) There will be something for almost everyone of us.

Resources and pictures

Also, bra fitting will most certainly show you that "everyone has your size". It is not an uncommon size and it is not impossible to find a bra in your size. Look at Bra Fitting Cidade’s post on D cups and the one on G cups to see what I mean.

It will help you better define your contours and curves. Venusian Glow has pictures of this. So does Sophisticated Pair (check out the pictures on the left side :). Whatever your preferred breast shape is, it will be fairly easy to achieve once you found out your requirements in a bra.

Other people have written about the benefits of a well-fitting bra, too. You can read on:

To find a bra size that will fit you, read on at our help page on bra fit and the help page on bra sizing.