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With the information provided by other users it is possible to do some comparisons and come up with bras that may be a good fit to you.

How does it work?

The recommendations engine works by reading various bits of information for the bras and your measurements on the site, and applies different comparison techniques to tell if they are or not a likely bra for you. Each of these techniques is called a "Channel" (or Antichannel for those that rule out recommendations).

Then, we gather the results from each of these engines and put them all together weighting their occurrence and likeliness on each Channel, this resulting number lets us know how confident a recommendation is for you :)

Information used

The channels rely on several bits of information for your bras and profile.

The most important bits are those that indicate how does a bra fit, bra's measurements and your breast measurements information.

This means that the more information you add about your bras, the better recommendations we can provide. Not just the profile measurements, but if you measure your bras we can then look for others with similar measurements and tell if they're good or not based on how that one fitted you.


There are currently 5 active channels.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I improve my recommendations?

Make sure to not only add your breast measurements but to also add as many bras as you can, measure them and report how they fit. Even if they don't fit the site will know what did not work for you and use that information to evaluate the recommendations.

Make sure to re-enter the fit of your bras when you update your measurements!

I didn't get any particular model recommended, just brands and sizes

This is a fallback format of the recommendations where none of the found entries had enough confidence to be recommended. On this case we tally up the best sizes per brand and show you those.

You can always check the link for "Raw results" and take a peek at everything that was discarded.

I went to the "Raw results" and still nothing.

This means that sadly, there aren't enough users with similar information to you on the site yet. If you know people on you range, encourage them to join.

Continue adding your data so the next person does not have similar results. Somebody has to play chicken on the chicken and egg problem :).

I am getting the same bra under two different sizes

It could very well be. Remember that bra fitting is not an exact science, so depending on your preference on how to wear a bra, or other attributes such as torso shape, or breast shape parameters that we can't quite capture such as breast softness. Two different sizes could fit the same person and provide varied results.

Will adding bras that don't fit me affect my recommendations?

No. And it is actually useful to add bras that don't fit you. This indicates the site that it should rule out such bra or similar. This is the information that feeds the Anti channels.

If I add bras from other people under my user, will it affect my recommendations?

No. If you set fit for the bra, it will most likely report that it doesn't fit you. Which is good information (read above question ). If you have not set fit for it. The it cannot be considered either way so it doesn't get included in the recommendations for your or anybody else.

If I enter new measurements what will happen with my recommendations?

They will get calculated again, but you have to consider that all the fit information you set for your bras is for your previous measurements. The system does not know and cannot assume how all your past bras fit you with your new measurements. So you will have to update bra fit of your bras for your new data.

So I need to have bras that fit in order to get better recommendations?

Definitely! This way you are training the system telling it what works for you and with that head start it knows what to do next. Without this valuable bit of information you might be getting bras that may seem mathematically correct but will not work for you.

But what is my size?

To understand this engine and why is it different from any calculator is that brands have very inconsistent sizing. We will tell you which model works on a specific size.

Don't expect a magical size, because even if it was true for one brand, it would be a lie for many others.

The results page shows a lot of sizes with very different ranges

This usually happens when you get recommendations in brands that grade their cups differently. Most likely you got results from brands where cups run deeper and cups where cups run smaller.

Ok, but what size should I buy?

Depends on what model are you talking about. The correct size for you will depend on what model you are looking at.

Ok, what is my size in brand X?

No, within a model, not a brand.

What?! Why?!

Because different models in the same brand fit differently due cut, season, range, etc.

I had good recommendations, but when I entered new measurements, they disappeared!

You have to set the fit of your bras for each new measurement, otherwise they won't be included in the calculation for your recommendations! It's important to set the fit for both fitting and non-fitting bras, both give the system information on what works for you and what doesn't.

When you are on the recommendation screen, you can choose which measurement to use for the calculation of your recommendation, if you didn't set the fit of your bras for this measurement, this channel won't be active in the calculations.