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Read here for full information on how your privacy is protected by the site. What comes next is focused on how the information from your profile is displayed to visitors or other users and the configuration options.

When you sign up to Bratabase you create a user and a user automatically has a profile page where your information is shown:

Your profile page is visible by all Bratabase visitors by default, this allows you to share your profile URL and have it linked from other websites, such as your blog, the Bratabase widget and search engines.

Your activity

Every time you participate on the site by commenting, adding new entries such as reviews, listings, fit requests or bras, an activity entry is recorded with it.

This activity is shown in your profile so other users can see what you are up to. Think of it as your Facebook wall.

You have control over who can see this information.

Activity stream privacy

These are the privacy options a user can set in order to control her “socialness” on Bratabase.

Home stream

The home stream is the sum of activities that a user has subscribed to/followed. This is like a Facebook wall/Twitter feed where you see the activity of friends or follows. The home stream will have a limit of showing the 20 most recent activities.

Being Social

This is a global control to toggle social options:

When set to #2 all other options will turn to the last one (the least social one).

Activity stream visibility

This controls who can view your activity stream. You can set it to either of these options:

When first launched, the default will be either #1 or #2 depending on the preference set for the user’s profile visibility (only logged in users or wide open Internet).

Only the 30 most recent activities will be shown in your profile page.

When changing to #4, the preferences to be followed will change to #2 and all follows will be deleted. It also will make your following/followers list invisible. Setting visibility on #4 does not block you from following other users.

Being followed

You can set these options for being followed:

When you are followed the user will see your activity on their home stream.

When changing the setting from #1 to #2 all follows will be deleted. If returning back to #1 people will have to follow you again.

Being followed will increase your reputation.

Following users

These are the following rules to follow a user:

Activity recorded/shown

If you have access to the user’s stream then you see all the actions. All user’s activity is always recorded even if the privacy option is set not to show it. So when you enable it again it will be available for you based on your preferences.

Followers/Following visibility

These are the options:

Initially the option will be set according to profile visibility and set on #1 or #2. If I stream visibility is set to #4 then this option will be set to #4 automatically.

There is no option to show only followers and not following or viceversa, both lists are shown or hidden together.