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Band length

Lay the bra on a flat surface with the cups up and accommodate the bra ends to be in a straight line (you may have to slightly tilt the cups together to achieve this). Now measure from hook to hook. Do not stretch.

In this case, the band length is 63.8cm or 64cm, not 65cm where the band ends.

Cup width

cup width instructions

This is the measure the distance from tip to tip of underwire, place your tape on the center of the cup (where the underwire begins) and measure across the cup (from inner side to inner side).

Cup depth

The cup depth is the measure of the inner perimeter of the cup.

Place your tape inside the cup around the fullest part from the beginning of the wire to the end of the curve of the cup.

Since the inner side of the cup measuring is starting at 1cm as shown in the second picture, the cup's depth is 16.5cm, not 17.5.

Yes, this is a tricky one.

Cup separation

This measures how far away your breasts need to be in order to fit comfortably the cups.

This is the measure of how far each inner side of the cups is, which is the wire's width, plus the cup separator.

In this case, the cups are 3cm separated (9 minus 6).

Wire length

This meaures the length of the wire used for the cup.

Place your tape along the underwire, and measure from end to end.

In this case, the wire is 19cm long.

Notice that only the wire is being measured and not the cloth, in the picture the fabric is folded where the wire ends.

Wire length instructions

If your bra does not have underwires, please measure the perimeter of the cup in the same fashion even if it does not have a round shape, just follow the square seams.

Strap width

This is pretty straightforward: How wide is the bra strap?

This strap is 1.3cm wide



The number of hooks the bra has.

This one has 2 hooks.


The cup size shown in the label.

This bra is a B cup.

If the label shows equivalences, use the one with less letters.

It doesn't matter that the bra was made in Sri Lanka :P.


The band size shown in the label.

This bra is a band 34.


The brand of the bra.

In this case, it doesn't show, it is a brandless bra, or you simply don't know, leave this blank ;).


In this case, the label names the model or style of the bra.

This bra doesn't have information regarding the model, then just leave it blank :).

If in doubt, leave this blank.

Resulting line

Band Cup Brand Model Band Length Cup Width Cup Depth Wire Length Cup Separation Strap Width Hooks
34 B 64.0 11.0 16.5 19.0 3.0 1.3 2

It is ok if your measurements are not dead exact, but try to measure a close estimate.