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Problems logging in?

I'm not seeing the list of providers?

Check that you have javascript enabled in your browser

I don't have a user on any provider of the list

If you know you have an OpenID you can choose the lst item on the list "Other OpenID Provider" and enter your full OpenID URL.

Alternatively you can register with a username and password like any other site. From then on you will be able to log in with those credentials following the link on the homepage "Log in with username and password".

What? "OpenID URL"? what's that?

When you sign up with many big websites you may get an OpenID account, this means that you can log in to other sites using your big site account.

Check this page and look for any site where you have an account

I'm trying to log in with Gmail and it sends me back to a login page

I've heard of some users having this issue, please reach me so we can see your situation. It is very rare.

If you are still having trouble, you can log in with a username and password (just like any other site).

To get a new password you'll have to request one as if you forgot it.

Once you set your new password, you'll be able to log in to Bratabase :).

I created an account and when I try to log in, it sends me to the login page

Same here, there's an easy solution though. I'll have to help you create a new user and move your data. Let me know