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There's a way to have Bratabase users help you with your current bra problems.

How to ask for help

  1. You need to add the bra that you want help with and make sure that:

    • You have current profile measurements.
    • You have reported how the bra currently fits you.
    • You have measured the bra
    • Add pictures of you wearing the bra from various angles. We recommend that you add the following pictures taken from the same height your bra is at (not from above, not from below):
      • A picture from the front

        Fit help bra front view

      • A picture from the back

        Fit help bra back view

      • A picture from the side

        Fit help bra back view

      • A 45° angle view, preferably with your bigger breast in the front.

        Fit help bra back view

      • More pictures are always welcome!
  2. In the bra's detail page, click the "Request fitting help" button at the bottom. Request Fitting help

  3. Pick a main picture for your request, you can only choose among the pictures of you wearing the bra, but all of your pictures will be shown.

  4. Explain what problems you have had with this bra, what you have tried, etc. You can pick one set of your measurements in which this bra causes problems. These numbers will only be seen by other logged in users. It can help others to relate and make suggestions. You can also choose not to share any measurements. Fitting help form

Keep track of your requests

You can see the list of bras that you can request fitting help for and the list of your current requests in the "My fit requests" page.

Tips to get more suggestions

In case your request is not getting many suggestions, it may be because the question is not very clear or there isn't enough information for other users to make a concise suggestion.

Double check this list to enhance your request:

Remember, you can always share the URL of your request anywhere, via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. That can also increase your changes of someone new helping you :)

Deleting a fit request?

You can only delete a fit request if you have not received any help from anybody.

Once others have participated this information is intended to be used to help other people who may have similar issues to yours.

Once your fit request is public you cannot delete pictures for it, this is to prevent that users benefit from the site and then delete their information not allowing others to benefit the same way you did. Think of it as a contribution you do to the site in exchange for help.