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Bratabase offers a number of tools to help bra bloggers manage their bras.

Setting up your blogger profile

First of, to tell the site that you are a blogger you need to indicate to us the URL of your blog. You can do this by going to your account and setting up your blog.

And that's it. After that you'll be provided with instructions to show your Bratabase flair on your blog if you so desire.

Bloggers tools

Now that you're configured as a blogger you have a number of tools available to you:

Bratabase profile widget

You can include this widget anywhere on your blog to show your Bratabase profile to your readers. It will show your avatar as well as your reputation and the number of bras you've added.

This widget serves a duplicate purpose when it is displayed on a bra review, so your visitors can vote on it directly from your blog.

More information on the Bratabase profile widget

Embed your bra's measurements on your posts

This is available for all users, but as a blogger you'll find it more useful. After you've added your bra to the site, you will have the option to export an image of the measurements table of your bra that you can include on your blog posts.

This is an easy way to show your measurements in a clear way to your readers and not having to type them out again and make sure we're all talking the same numbers all across.

Read more on how to share your bras' measurements.

Link your bra reviews so they are easily findable

Instead of writing reviews for the bras you've added here on the site, you can choose to just directly link to your related blog post. This will show a nice embedded preview of your post on the list of reviews.

The benefit of this is that any user that is looking for any specific bra will run into your bra review because it will be properly classified under the right model and size so it will target the right audience.

"My listings" page

If you choose to sell some of your bras, you can include a list of the bras you're listing on your blog.

On your listing page you will find an option to export as HTML that will contain markup ready to paste on your blog and will have the right links and images to your listings.

This code that you have pasted is a static snapshot of your listings at the time, so from time to time you will need to replace it with a more current version. We will soon be providing better Wordpress and Blogger integration.

"My reviews" page

Some bloggers like to have a dedicated page to list all the reviews they've written. This can be a tedious work if done by hand.

We provide you with markup that contains all your bra reviews, this is fed by the reviews you have linked to your blog posts.

Bra bloggers stream

Once your blog is set up, it will automatically be shown in the Bra Bloggers stream on the site, where readers go to be updated of the latest posts on the bra blogging world.

Browsing bra bloggers

Just like the bloggers stream, you also now form part of a bra bloggers directory that easily allows interested readers to find you when searching for bloggers that wear certain size or have experience with certain brands or by country.

Followers get updates on your posts

Each time you write a new post on your blog, Bratabase will pick it up and add it as an entry to your activity stream, this way any user that follows you here on Bratabase will get to see your new blog post the next time they visit the site.

Find other bra blogger blog posts by brand, model or size

Many bloggers like to link back to other blog posts with related reviews, and it can be a pain to comb all the blogs looking for them.

Now your post and all other bloggers' posts can be found together properly categorized. You can filter the brand reviews list to show only blog posts and sort them by date to get a comprehensive list of the posts you want.