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Bratabase seeks to help you find the right bra by comparing sizes among other brands or models, giving you a better idea on what to get or may fit you better.

We aim to serve as an online reference to help women in doubt about different bras before having them.

Origin of Bratabase

The original idea dates back from 2002 when the need arose in a forum. A member asked if anyone else had two specific bras and how they compared, so "Nimbus" came up with the idea of a "Bra database" where you can look up this information. Immediately after that, it was named Bratabase .

Nimbus herself made the first prototype which was a static page with information that other forum members submitted via email, sadly it didn't get too far.

It took some years to develop this page so now, with lots of features, landed ideas and more to come, we have the Bratabase you're seeing :).

How do we do it?

With your information and the data provided by other members, we do some simple tricks and come up with some numbers and relationships that might guide you in at least some direction when looking for a bra ;).


I'm Jj, the only developer of Bratabase, while I've written all of the site's code, but I cannot take all the credit for it. Many ideas, recommendations and improvements come from avid users who want to see the site improve :).

The site would not have the information you see without the users adding all their bras to the site, and the help of Nesoa that helps with the neverending job of data cleaningby adding new brands, models, fixing sizes and making sure that the bra information added on the site is up to date <3.

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