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Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band70.1
Band Length58.4
Stretch ratio1.2
Cup width13.7
Cup depth24.1
Depth ratio1.8
Wire length24.1
Cup height15.5
Cup separation1.3
Gore height6.6
Wing height8.9
Strap width1.5
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I fell in love with this bra as soon as I saw it!! Love at first sight!! I received an email from Ewa with a special offer on this bra and instantly purchased the set with matching thongs (in a Small/36). So adorable!! I'm a sucker for the corset look and LOVE the lace-up ribbon on the cups (and panties), with the polka dots and delicate Lace trim...cute cute cute!! The straps are also adorable, and different than your typical, everyday bra strap, with the contrasting pink ribbon interwoven throughout.

Now onto the technical stuff. Looks like a perfect fit! But I'm not really sure, something seems, or feels, a bit off. It's been quite some time since I've worn Ewa. I've been Victoria's Secret's spokeswoman for the past 2 years and have worn nothing else. But we all know the "evils" behind Vicky. I feel like their Demi bras are great and fit almost perfectly! But anything with a little padding and the cups are entirely too wide, and too shallow, for me. And I wanted something cute for summer. The cup width is just about perfect, I have the band on the second to last hook, the straps seem a bit too far out but nothing major. I do have them tightened about halfway and they are digging into my sunburned shoulders (ouch). But the gore tacks nicely, no quadboob going on and the cups seem to fit just right. But I feel like they might be just a tad too roomy. I know if I take the padding out they will definitely gape. I think I have to just break it in and see. It's def tighter than what I'm used to and a bit uncomfortable. I'm hoping it won't be as bad the more I wear it. I'll have to update after a full day's wear. Or maybe try another size? I'm not quite sure. But one thing I noticed that is a def plus - the wires overlap just a tad, which is perfect for my close-set boobs! Yay for overlapping wires!! Lol!

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  • I'm in the same boat as you. I can't tell if I should go down a size or not in this one. I just got it yesterday in size 30G. It's definitely a tighter band (mine stretched 28.5) than the other models that I have and quite deep! It's a little roomy just at the very top where it doesn't feel as secure as my other chps. What's odd is my G cup is the same cup height as your FF if we measured the same way which I actually like for my short roots.
    It's so pretty though! I may keep this size and order one down then decide which to resell.

  • Yes! This one def feels different than all of my other CHP bras! My Klaudyna was either a 30G or 28GG, I can't remember, still, a whole cup size larger and this feels like it fits exactly the same. I agree, not as secure on the top of the cup. And I measured along the outside for the height. It does feel short, my nipples are right at the edge. I'm glad I didn't go with the larger size like I was going to. I haven't worn it yet, other than trying it on briefly. But I'm curious to see how it feels with a full day's wear. And I'm curious to know how you make out with the smaller size. I wonder if it will be any different for you.

  • I would definitely have gapping if I took out the cookies! I like to have the option to wear with or without. I'm going to wear this today and think about what to do. I'm worried if I go down a size I may pop right out! But looking at your measurements on the 30ff it should be fine. I may even go 70F if the band feels like it may not stretch out. My underbust is right at the stretch length of 28.5. I hate to stretch a bra band to its max but I also hate when I get a 70 and it stretches out too quickly. I'll repost on how the smaller size works out! Right now she has a 30FF ready to go so I may take advantage of that opportunity instead of waiting 2 more months.
    So if anyone is reading this trying to decide on a size it's a deeper cup tighter band!

  • Cup height does make sense. Mine is closer to 6.3-6.5 which sounds right from an ff (6.1) to a G.

  • Yes!! I completely agree, deeper cups with a tighter band. I usually go right to the last hook on the 65 band with Ewa. But I could prob even do the first hook if I didn't want it super tight on this one. Let me know how you make out with the size down. I just can't imagine myself wearing a 65F, I'm almost positive I'd pop out. But with this one, I'm really not sure. Did you order straight from EM? As much as I hate the long wait, I did order straight from EM. It took about 3 weeks to arrive. But it's much cheaper than ordering thru Bra Obsessed. The entire set with matching thong was only $68 I think, somewhere around there.

  • And the cup height sounds about right from the FF to the G cup. I'll have to cross check the measurements with my other CHP bras in my profile to see where the differences are.

  • I did order direct during the xoxo weekend sale. I loved that one when I first saw it so I jumped at the chance when I got the email about the sale. So it took about month for me to receive it. It doesn't take that long considering but all those vat, PayPal and shipping fees really add up on one bra which makes me hesitant to order very often.
    but I did end up ordering the 65FF today since she had it available to ship on her website! Someone must have already returned their 65FF or something. I took out the cookies and it was really gaping so I figured I could definitely fit in the 65FF without cookies and possibly with them too. Hope it fits better and will let you know of the outcome!

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    I got the 65FF. It fits perfectly and can still wear it with or without the cookies! I love it even more now! I wasn't so thrilled with it in the other size as far as wearing. It's so much more comfortable when you don't have any room to spare in this particular model. I lined this xoxo 65G up with a few other 65G CHP's that I have and this one is definitely deeper at the very top section. I would say it is even more full on top friendly than her other CHPs which I am not full on top. Now I have to decide to sell or not to sell the 65G. Hope your 65FF is maybe fitting better for you after some wear!

  • Yay!!! Aw, I'm so glad the 65FF fits you better than the 65G! I think I should try a 65F now. I'm just worried it will be too small. I usually do a G cup as well but went for the FF. I have high profile implants and still have a good amount of upper pole (even/round) fullness. So I'm surprised it's so roomy on me. Dang, I don't know if she would let me exchange it for a 65F. I still have the tags on it but it's been a couple weeks since I received it. I still have yet to wear it since trying it on. I have to give it another try. I hope you can sell your 65G! And I'm so happy for you! I'm so glad you found a better fit!! :)

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