Last night I added a couple of new visible features to the site

Brand Models filtering

Bra model filters

Now you can filter out the models for a brand based on certain attributes (more to come). So if you wanted to search for all Freya Swimsuits, you can enable that filter.

It is also a problem to find a specific model given that by default they are sorted by popularity, well now you can sort them by name ;).

Other things you can do now, is hide models that have been discontinued and those with no bra data yet.

Model band stretch estimation

How much does a bra stretch

Since we have information about how much do bras stretch. Take this with a grain of salt. Here's how it is calculated:

If there's a minimum of information for stretched and unstretched bands, we proceed to calculate a trimmed average (that is the average without extreme values).

With that number in place, we place it on a stretch scale, and determine if it is very stretchy, stretchy, average, firm or very firm and show that information for you.

You will see this information, below the list of sizes available for a bra if available :)