I find it funny, but I'm also surprised it does happen ...

A group of JUI members got together last month in front of the Islamic Council protesting about the import of padded bras to their country.

Some of the quotes

“Padded bras are evil as they make the breasts look bigger and perky”

“I will not wear these sinful, men-attracting padded bras that make my jugs look juicy.”

After the council discussed the outrage of padded bras, they reached a conclusion:

“Padded bras are Devil’s cushions and he likes to rest of them. The Council of Islamic Ideology is recommending that Pakistani Muslim researchers should try to invent a bra that makes the female chest area unnoticeable.”

This will lead to a new trend of Sharia compliant underwear to diminish women's figures. Shame!

We need an islamic Busts 4 justice group in Pakistan ;)

PD: Someone tell me it's a hoax!