There's this new feature on the site that allows you to list your bras for either:

  • Give away
  • Exchange
  • Sale

Even though the transaction does not take place over here, now you have a place to show information about this bra. You can link to this listing page from other sites to indicate that you're offering it.

Form to list a bra

Make sure to put any isntructions and ntoes ragarding the price, condition of the bra and anything extra you think the rest of the world should know :)

Bra Listing

Once your listing ended (for whatever reason) you can go ahead and remove it so it's not shown as available anymore :)

A private messaging system has also been installed on the site so you can reach the listing's owner. You can only send messages to users that have current listings or that have set their preferences to allow anybody reach them. So unless you configure your profile to do that you won't be getting messages from people ;).

Keep it fun, I hope some of you find this helpful, and please please let me know if you run into any bug or feel it's incomplete.