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Bras » Comexim » Coco (381) » 80M 36:13

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
Stretched Band88.7
Band Length64.0
Cup width15.9
Cup depth36.3
Wire length34.4
Cup height0.0
Cup separation1.8
Gore height10.1
Wing height14.5
Strap width2.4

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  1. 7

    Didn't fit

    So, this is the first time I've tried a Comexim. I was always curious, but what I'd seen of larger sizes did not really appeal to me - the shape looked more flat and wide than EM's in my size range. But when this showed up in about my size at a very reasonable price, i had to try it.

    Fabric - a very interesting lace pattern. I dont think I've seen anything like it. Its not stretchy and its slightly itchy, hopefully that will wash out. The band is very stretchy. While it does stretch to about 34 inches, I ... only had it on the 2nd set of hooks, because its reasonably firm.

    Wires are really quite narrow. I tried to take another picture showing where the wires are with my fingers, but really you can tell because the wires are where it changes from sheer lace to solid black. They dont go in to my arm pit and my boobs are visibly bulging out of them, meaning they create a good backstop for my boobs so they dont go trying to escape in to my armpits. BUT the wires are softer than I'm used to, so if I pull more armpit flab in, it doesnt really seem to stay.

    Also I think the soft wires may be contributing to the odd shape mismatch in the front.

    Size. I THINK it fits? At first it seemed huge, but then I tightened the straps a LOT. which could mean its supposed to fit like a half-cup and i'm wearing it pulled up like a not-half-cup? Or maybe the straps are really long? Of course, because of the placement, the strap buckle on my smaller side comes way up to my shoulder, which promises to be uncomfortable.

    Shape. Shape is weird. I cant figure out what I think.

    In the front, the shape looks completely different on the two sides of my body. The cup seems to come up much higher on my smaller boob, which sort of makes sense, except that thats not how my boobs fit in other bras. Even tho my boobs are always different sizes.

    There is a weird flattened area on my bigger boob (not far from where the flattened area is when I wear my 70J - Ewa Michalak » Sm Fiolecik (642) - which makes me think my bigger boob has a flat area?) . . . but the bra makes my boobs look pretty crazy round under a shirt. Of course, often that amazing roundness is the first thing to go when fabrics stretch, but still.

    The weirdest part of the fit is at the top of the cup near my armpit, on the smaller side. There is just a ton of extra fabric. I tried to take a picture of me pinching that extra fabric, but I didnt realize the picture didnt take until I was already changed. But I DO have a picture where I dropped a little tub of lip balm in to the extra fabric. It looks kinda like its digging in to my boob, but its not. Its just hanging out in this pocket of extra fabric. There's also a side picture where you can see how much wrinkling there is in that same part of the bra.

    So, what do I think? I have no idea. Advice? Comments?

    Note, you cant see all the pictures from the front page, you have to click to the review. You can look at them all on a page that way.

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    • Oh, i think the straps were moved in originally? idk.

    • 4

      Hey, it doesn't look too bad! I kinda like it. :) I love the round shape that it gives you!

      Half-cups definitely make a different shape than the balconettes that you're used to. You'll notice the cups are made with ONLY vertical pieces instead of having one horizontal piece along the top. Vertical pieces help create that round, close-to-the chest look. I don't know if I'd compare the fit/shape of this in absolute terms against your other bras that *aren't* half-cups. It's like apples to oranges. They're both tasty fruit but slightly different. :)

      That empty space at the top of the cups is why lots of people request "reduced cup height." That alteration helps make the cups not so tall near the strap area. So, I'd say if you were ever to order from Comexim, definitely request this alteration!

      Hmm, wonder if that flat area is just a result of the cup being a smidge too small for your bigger breast. I guess it's a bit tricky if the cups are too small for the bigger breast and too big for the smaller breast!

      Overall, I think it's GORGEOUS and I love the shape it gives under a shirt! If you decide you don't like it, let me know and I may buy it from you. :)

    • 1

      Forgot to mention, yes, Comexim wires are quite soft, especially compared to the steel-framed Panache wires. Many people find the soft wires to be a welcome comfort compared to stiffer wires. Comexim does offer *stronger wires* as an alteration, but they're still not as firm as Panache wires (maybe closer to EM, then?)

    • Interesting! Looks nice, love the lace! How is it in wear? Comfortable? So no quad boob and good shape under shirt :) The wires are softer but do they contort?

    • I havent really worn it yet. I just tried it on to take pics. and i dont think they are contorting but i'm not sure? and its so hard to see black bras in pics

    • 2

      I'm not in your size range at all, so I can't really say anything helpfull, but I do like the look of it! You look great in it! :)

    • 3

      I think this looks really nice on you! Also agree with BumbleBean about Comexim having soft wires.

    • 3

      I also think it looks nice on you! The top excess fabric I think is a Comexim thing. I got that too but I can live with it. Hope it's comfy and you keep it!

    • 2

      Comexim definitely has really soft wires, even softer than EM. It's one of those things I really like and also find annoying at the same time - on one hand they're *so comfy*, but on the other I prefer the stability I get from a full tack. I don't find Panache's wires uncomfortable, though, I love how hard they are because I need that for support.

      This is a half cup and you're mostly used to balconettes, and the two are really different in shape. I personally adore half cups and would wear them every day if I could! I think it looks good, personally. Comexim 3HC has the most projection at the wire of any bra I've tried (even more than EM CHP) - it simply does not budge when I have it on.

    • 1

      Since i havent had a half cup (in decades anyways) I was just wanting to make sure this looks like a fit, not like a too-big halfcup being cinched up by the straps

    • 1

      Looks great on you! I think it fits you. The extra fabric is I think a comexim thing like roxannelovesbras. It can be removed by requesting 'reduced cups' imo. Btw, I asked the moved in straps 2cm for the records.

    • Thanks - also, just to be sure, I folded the bra over - the cups seem to be identical. I've seen a lot of ppl having weird problems and the bra looks so uneven on me, but I guess its just me, being uneven in the bra!

    • once again i'm really grateful that my boobs are low. I mean, i dont like the way it LOOKs, as I'm not quite 5'2, but at least tall bras dont pinch my armpits

    • 1

      I don't think they do reduced cup on the half cup from what I read ..but may be wrong .
      Em wires are almost to soft I have been thinking about comexim but if they are more flexible idk wonder if they would double up on the underwires hmm . I think if you took a dart where the wrinkles are it would get rid of them and give a bit of lift I have wrinkles there in almost all my bras and put a dart in most of them . The bra just thinks you have boob where you don't , or keep chapstick there ;) . I think it does look like you are having to tighten the straps a lot to get the lift something I tend to do as well.

      I think it's a pretty bra and what a lovely shape makes me want a half cup too . A unlined half cup sigh so pretty it only comes in black right? So nice seeing it on someone my size range and height . I am thinking half cups would suit me well just need to figure out the sizing .

    • 2

      @lvp oh they do on the bigger size like 80k~, not much though.

    • 1

      I know this is an old review, but I saw the mention that this was an UNLINED bra, and thought I would share my own experience with the unlined 70HH - Comexim » Emily Full Cup (85), and what Jaimie @ BraObsessed had to say.

      So my usual size in Comexim is 70HH/J*, at least in the black-banded Comexims I've tried so far, but the Emily ran quite big all over and I would've needed at least a 65HH in it.

      * for some reason Comexim does an HH cup _instead_ of an I.

      The Emily is one of very few bras where I felt the need to tighten the straps a lot (like you describe doing), but it still didn't alleviate the sense I had that the bra was doing very little to support my boobs -- definitely not a problem I have had in either of the padded Comexims I've tried.

      When I showed pictures of the Emily to Jaimie, I could sense her wrinkling her nose, and she told me that she's not a fan of Comexim's older unlined bras because of exactly the cup problems I was having. She says they're not as supportive as their padded bras, and that only the newer mesh styles (like the Comexim Naomi Balcony Bra (418) ) can hold a candle to EM's unlined styles!

      So if you can find another padded Comexim for offer that seems like it would match your measurements, I would suggest giving the brand another try. :|a

    • 1

      Thanks. There was a blogger who wore pretty big padded comexims and I just didnt like the way they looked. But who knows. Maybe some day

      I got this bra used off another bratabaser, so it seemed too good a chance to pass up

    • 1

      dbmamaz we are very similar in size and I have to say that I tried a padded half cup and it was a failure . Even after adding additional underwires to the "stronger " ones that came with it , putting two wires in each channel there is still collapsing of the cup after short wearing it's honestly just not strong enough fabrics throughout for very large not self supporting breast . your lace one looks to support you better than I get out of the foam cup. I put the brand on my it's just not for the very endowed .

    • 1

      thanks iv

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  2. 3

    Didn't fit

    Omg it is soooo cute and sexy. The combination of black race and pink bows is divine lol. As a sheer bra it looks quite sturdy as well. The material used for the band is also sturdy, so that it feels a little bit too snug for size 80. I think it fits like snug 34 band. The gore is tall but super narrow like other comexim plunge bras. What a perfection only if it fits......

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Mar 15, 2016 Flag this

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    • Love it! I have mine Sharon but its made as coco with two vertical seams and love it so much! you must get it in your size as its very comfy when its on

    • martka00 I also love the design of Sharon! I think Sharon looks sexier though,.lol Anyway, I will definitely re-order coco!!! :D

    • For me i prefer black and red rather than pink :D and im just waiting for new collection so hopefully I can order another soft bra in this style :D

    • Oh, I also hope Comexim makes more soft bras this season especially in this style!! If they do, I will wait for them too!!! :)

    • Did you ever think about ordering the sheer one with purple details ? Im kind of interested in it.. but not really sure about it as well

    • You mean this one?
      I'm interested in but doubt if it fits me well since Comexim plunge cut doesn't work for me. If comexim makes it halfcup style, I will order haha. Not now, in summer I will ask them ;)

    • yup extaclty that one.. well for my small boobs plunges are okay, so i may try it :D or ill just wait for new collection that I cant wait for!

    • If you buy one, please share your review on bratabase <3 I also can't wait for the new collection. Maybe they too busy to design and make new bras?

    • Well we will see but I've been told that new collection will come up in March so let's wait

    • Oh really? I didn't know that. Yap let's wait, we can't wait though lol.

    • Wow what a pretty bra , stunning really . I was looking at their soft bras just last night wishing that I could tell what they looked like better ..thanks for the review and pictures . Hardly anyone talks about this style in comexim and I was unsure .

    • 2

      Ivp Yes. This is a pretty and sturdy bra giving a great shape (round and cakes on plates kind of shape!) as long as it fits, but not many review are written here. It is weird isn't it? I was soooo curious what it looks like in my size, and am happy now. I will definitely re order it for the warming weather :)

    • 1

      I recently purchased two unlined Ivonne for "science." Seriously, it would dramatically increase my willingness to purchase if the measurements for every size were available. Every bra I order from Comexim is altered and unreturnable. If I were a manufacturer, .... Glad to read this is supportive, rounds, and has a narrow gore. Thanks for adding data :-) :-)

    • DressTheTwins As a online bra shopper, totally agreed with you. If the measurements for every size were available, I would buy more bras(!) than now lol. Anyway thanks for the comments :)

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