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Bra fitting help » Wires sliding down

Ewa Michalak » Sf Nibynic (1133) » 75H 34:11

Issue resolved

Not enough immediate projection, wires too tall. A perfect fit is probably not available on the ready make market, will try sewing my own custom size.

Original problem

Back for fitting help part 3 - I'm almost there, y'all! This bra is technically wearable, I'm not falling out. Unfortunately it's just really uncomfortable.

About me: center full, pendulous, projected, short waisted and petite with large cup size

My issues are: 1, painful pressure on my lower ribs from the wires. 2, if I pull the bra up into my IMF (it doesn't like to stay there), the underwire comes high into my armpit to stab and rub. 3, less important: the straps are too wide, and there's strap gap.

I think I actually need a 70 band, because after wearing it for a few minutes the bra warms up and I can wear it on the smallest hooks (at that point the band feels quite snug, as shown in the photo).

However, I don't think sister sizing down to a 70HH will fix the wires sliding down. You can see in my photos that the bottom of the cup is folded under my breast tissue. Sizing up or down doesn't stop the wires sliding down; it was worse in a 75GG (, and it also happened in a 75J (

Two theories: A, it's because the gore doesn't tack, rotating the front of the bra away from me and down. Or B, I need more immediate projection at the wire.

My question: Where to go from here? Should I try something else with Ewa Michalak? I've had Kris Line and Gorsenia recommended, does anyone know particular cuts that might work?

I'm also concerned that after so many years wearing wireless bras, I'm unprepared to handle the inherent pain of wires. Am I right about the issues I mentioned, or does this fit look normal to y'all?

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