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Bra fitting help » Getting close? Maybe a cigar?

Elomi » Mariella Banded Bra (EL4420) » 34JJ 34:14

I think this Mariella is pretty close. There is still some wrinkling in the outer cups, and the cups still aren't quite deep enough at the wire, leading to a little folding over, but not bad maybe? I'm wondering if a 34J might be a better choice, but I'm afraid I will lose my tack.

I have an Elomi Morgan in 36HH and the gore doesn't quite tack. The Morgan in 34JJ tacked, but there was more wrinkling in the sides of the cups. Which is more important for the best fit?

I like that the Mariella has some uplift and projection, which is hard for me to achieve, and it's pretty front and center. Like all the other bras I've tried, it does slip down out of my IMF up to about an inch.

I'm still trying to figure out my shape, too. So far I know I'm very projected and pendulous and outer full. Leaning I appear to be even, but maybe functionally FOB, but with tissue on top that has been stretched so it's vertically shallow? I think my roots may be wide? The IMFs are shallower than a U shape and my left side in particular has a Nike swoosh shape, so it's hard to get wires to fit snugly and stay. I get a torpedo shape in the Cleo Hettie and a... football?... shape in the CK Princess Balcony. Any clues from how this bra fits? Other brand or model suggestions?

I have a Prime order coming soon with a Curvy Kate Ellace and an Elomi Lydia in 34JJ; a Panache Thea, an Elomi Matilda, and an Elomi Morgan in 34J; and a Cleo Marcie in 36HH.

Bras I've tried that haven't worked are Panache Envy in 36HH and 34JJ, Jasmine in 34JJ, Elomi Raquel 34J, Cleo Hettie 36HH, Fantasie Alex 36HH, 34J and 36J, and Freya Hero 36HH. I think I've posted reviews with pictures for most of these.

Is this Mariella a keeper? Should I try it in 34J? (The 36" Elomi bands seem to be too stretchy for me, so I am using an extender on 34" bands, and that seem to give a better hold.)

(I posted my review as an adventure, and this is my first fit request, so I wasn't sure if it's wrong to post to both? Apologies if it is!)

Thank you for your help!

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