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Bra fitting help » Ewa too big... where should I start?

Ewa Michalak » Pl Onyks (196) » 65F 30:7

Well, I knew this bra would be too big when I bought it but I was desperate for an Ewa Michalak!

Bratabase suggests that I start at 28F but I have tried a few 28F Freya bras and whilst I suppose the cups did fit me better than this the wires were still much too wide.

I have no idea about anything concerning my boobs. I don't know if they are wide or narrow, high or low, even fullness or full on bottom etc etc. Literally nothing.

Basically, please tell me what you can about this bra on me and anything you can about my breasts (haha).

The main issues I have with this bra are gaping and the wires hurting at the point where my rib cage curves.

I would like to try the Cleo Juna and CHP, CH or HP Ewa bras (preferably with the removable padding as I have slight unevenness. Could these bras potentially work for me? Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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