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Bra fitting help » Size and shape issues with Ewa Michalak

Ewa Michalak » Chp Marcepanowa Magnolia (694) » 65GG 30:10

Issue resolved

I think I'll try the Chp again. It looks like Ewa Michalak will only do the CHP Marcepanowa Magnolia up to 60FF, so I guess I'd have to stick with 65G. Thanks!

Original problem

I have pretty pendulous, soft tissue that doesn't want to support itself much, tends to fall to the center of plunges, and can easily get squished under an elastic seam. Sometimes unlined bras just aren't very flattering or supportive. I have scoliosis and a tendency towards shoulder pain so I also need a pretty firm and tight band. I haven't had much luck with finding something that really fits among UK brands.

This is my first Ewa bra; given the above description, it was recommended by r/ABTF that I start with 65GG and Chp.
Unfortunately, it seems like I need to exchange it. I think I should go down a cup size, as there's plenty of extra fabric (especially on my smaller side, even with the cookie in) and gaps on the sides. However, on my larger side I'm falling into the center, as you can see a bit in the photos. Is there a better style for my shape? Or is it something to just live with? I don't have much luck with more full coverage bras as there's always so much empty space at the top of the cup. I'm open to trying unlined styles but I'd love to get a rounded shape with minimal visibility under shirts. I also tried a Sm Triumf in 65GG;
you can see a photo here: It's got a fair amount of extra space at the top and wrinkling at the bottom but it's not unwearable.
I'm not sure if I should also go down a band size- I'm slightly more comfortable on the tightest hook for both the Chp and the Sm, but they're definitely wearable on looser hooks and I'm worried that a 60 band could be too tight. If I were to get a 60, should I go with GG?

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