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Bra fitting help » Small wrinkle under left breast, but is it the one? More bra recommendations?

Cleo » Blake Balconnet Bra (9151) » 30GG 30:10

Issue resolved

Returned this bra and re-purchased in size 28H.

Original problem

My second Amazon Prime Wardrobe shipment arrived today! This one included the Cleo Kali in 30GG and 28H, Cleo Blake in 30GG, Curvy Kate Daily Dream in 30GG, and the Curvy Kate Lifestyle plunge in 30GG. Of all five, the Cleo Blake was the best fit by far, which shocked me because I was expecting one of the Kalis to fit! I had thrown the Blake in my cart on a whim haha.

Despite the small wrinkle under my left breast (which, after all of these try-ons, I believe may be slightly larger than my right), I think this bra may actually fit well. Gore tacks, straps aren't too wide-set, band is level with the ground, no wrinkling (at least in the cup for my smaller, right breast) or gapping. Gives a nice round shape beneath my clothes. The support is also great; I can certainly tell in this one, unlike the Curvy Kate Ellace I had tried previously.

I'm pretty much just looking for other opinions on this one: Do you guys think that it fits? If so, do you have any other bra recommendations for me? I would love one that fits like this but in nude!

Edit (09/16/2018):
I posted this in response to a couple of the comments below, but I believe it belongs here as well:

So I wore it around for the past couple of days and I've noticed a couple of things: the wires kind of irritate/dig into my skin where they end under my armpit. When I take the bra off, I can see the outline of where it sat, and it looks like the wires follow my IMFs perfectly, but on the sides it gets really red where it rubs/digs. I'm not sure if this means that the wire is too narrow or too short. I'm leaning toward too short as it seems to only be red at the very tip of the wire, but I can't be certain.

Also, when I look at it overall at the end of the day, I notice that the band has ridden up ever so slightly.

So I'm wondering if I should go down a band size and maintain the same cup volume, going with a 28H? Maybe the smaller band will gently pull the edges of the wires outward more to prevent the irritation/digging? I would love to hear any thoughts!

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