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Bra fitting help » What Comexim cup size am I?

Comexim » Mia Half Cup (567) » 55F 26:6

Issue resolved

Still trying to get Comexim to respond to my emails about the size differences, but nothing Bratabase can really help me more with now :)

Original problem

Halp. I'm in desperate need of new bras, but am now at a loss as to what cup to reorder from Comexim.

My previous 55F Roma 3HC was too large in the cup. Nothing some padding wouldn't fix, but definitely empty space in there.
55E Yoko 2HC was a major shape mismatch along with being too small. Both Comexim plunges at 55F have been perfect.

Both my 55F Ardea 3HC and this fit very similarly, and both are definitely too small in the cups. My right nipple is nearly escaping and I have a bit of quad on the smaller side too. I'm not sure how much too small this is though. One cup? Or more? Usually my issue is too large a cup!

So now I'm totally not sure what size to reorder at. All three 3HCs were with reduced cup height, at 55F, and there is at least 2 cups difference between them. Which one is more true to size? Has Comexim's sizing changed in the past two years, do I now need to order a larger size? Is this just a shape mismatch and I need to stick to the plunge?

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