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Bra fitting help » wire width cup depth conical breasts

Chantelle » Rive Gauche Demi (3085) » 70C 32:3

I've decide to put up a fitting help request, because I'm at my wits end. I love this bra, but it does not fit and I'm really at a loss as to where to go from here.

The problem:

I sized down to a 70C, because the 70D I tried earlier was so much too roomy in the cups it was laughable. In this size, however, I STILL do not fill out the cups -- according to the measurements I took the difference between the cupdepths of the 70D and this 70C is indeed only 0.5cm -- and they STILL seem to come up way higher than they should. Also, despite the empty space and wrinkling in the top, the cup edges are borderline cutting in and the shape I get is just ... funny.

On top of this I have the problem that the wires really are just a bit too narrow for comfort. I don't think they are actually sitting on breast tissue, but they come so close that they begin to bother me after a couple of hours wear, especially on my larger right side. For this reason, sizing down even further simply is no option.

The thing is, I have had these same issues with almost every single bra I've ever tried and I just don't know where to go from here. My breasts are the epitome of 'conical' (i.e. very triangular in profile) and they're decidedly 'short' (i.e. breast root in the form of a horizontal oval). I'm pretty sure this is why I'm having such a hard time finding bras that fit, but alternative explanations are welcome. Also, suggestions as to what I could try next are very much appreciated.

Oh, and I should probably say that the band of this bra fits comfortably and without riding up when closed on the middle set of hooks.

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