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Bra fitting help » I think it is a good fit

Ewa Michalak » Pl Cappuccino (316) » 75K 34:15

I am pretty content with this bra. It isn't perfect for me (I've detailed in the review how so) but I think I've made it work as far possible. It would be nice to a have a 'go to' size in PL's, because then I will get more, even though it isn't 110% perfect looks and fit wise.
So I am just asking for second opinions, as a step in my 'fit journey' :)

Potential fit problems:
If we are to go into detail, fit wise:

There are slight signs that it is not completely compatible with my shape (which I knew from owning disastrous 34JJ's)
-I would definitely NOT have it even a bit narrower! In fact, I'd prefer it to be maybe up to ½" wider at the bottom of my breast, where the root is widest.
-It could never be even a hair more shallow at the bottom: A common problem for me, and what made the JJ's unwearable. I do get just the slightest orange-in-glass in this, but it's the least I've had in a padded bra, ever, so it's good! But, if it was more, I'd risk it folding in the empty space, which is what can literally ruin a good bra. I still have to watch this, make sure to dry it when stretched out etc.
-The center-gore is flat, but not very insistingly :b There is no visible space between me and the gore, but I don't feel it touching me, so it could be 'flatter', but it's good as it is.
^These are things that could make you think I could size up. But:
-I could not have more space at the top. There is ever so slight gaping - when standing straight, I can see a glimpse of the inside of the bra. If I roll my shoulders forward just a tiny bit, I can see a lot. So, good as it is, but not bigger.
-There appears to be a quite small arm-hole. This is often the case of a too big cup with tightened straps (which may be true), but I can't size down due to reasons already listed.
-It appears to be more full coverage: Larger sizes often tend to be made to be more full coverage, and when added that most of my volume is in the bottom of the cup, there simply isn't all that much to stick up of the cup.
Also, this is comfortable on the inner-most hook from new, it could even be tighter and still comfortable, so I think next time I'll get 32KK instead. I think this may also fix some problems, because it will 'hold on' to what I scoop in: When I scoop, it isn't too narrow, and it isn't slightly gaping, but because it is a bit loose, the scooped slides out a little bit.

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