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My boobs: Tall roots, center full, close set, narrow roots, immediate projection

My favorite bras: Ewa Michalak SF and ... BM styles

I joined Bratabase early in 2016. I noticed in fall of 2015 that my bras weren't fitting properly anymore and discovered that I needed to go up a cup size (from 32G to 32GG - but now I'm finding that 30H or HH is better for me in UK brands). Once I broke the GG barrier, I realized I was going to need some help finding new styles as the styles that previously worked for me either didn't go above a G cup, or just weren't compatible with my now larger boobs. After doing hours of research online (when I should have been sleeping), I discovered several blogs that eventually led me here. I knew my size range, but I had no idea about breast roots and how roots could affect bra fit. Finally - an answer to why my boobs looked so awful in some bras that my equally large-busted friends looked great in! So, I bought some bras in my new size, but I was still looking for the "one." Thanks to Bratabase, I decided to dip my toe into the Polish waters and bought some Comexims and Ewa Michalaks. Ewa Michalak was the one I'd been looking for my whole life! Narrow wires! Deep cups! Room for center-fullness! Plus, enough styles in basic colors and cute colors to keep me happy.

Now, armed with 2 bra drawers stocked mostly with Ewa Michalak bras, I can go out into the world feeling much more comfortable and confident than I did before!

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