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short and possibly average roots
deflated and soft
(but maybe slightly projected on bottom, even though shallower bras seem ... to fit better)
unruly boobs.
28DD / 30D ish.

I'm told I have unusual fit problems for this size range, which explains why so many bras are total fails for me!

39 years old.....Been wearing ill-fitting 32B or C padded push up bras for 20 years.

I have finally found a few that actually seem to just about fit, after trying on dozens. Victory!! Not perfection, but getting closer.

Unfortunately, my bank account is not as enthusiastic about this endeavor as I am, so it's a slow process. I am sure Amazon Prime hates me at this point and I'm starting to fear that one of these days I will get an email from them saying "Oh, come on, seriously? You are returning MORE bras? Don't you think this is getting kind of ridiculous?"
;) (Yes, yes I do, Amazon.)

The first thing I have found that even remotely seems to fit decently and look pretty good is a 28DD padded Charlotte. (The band is way too tight and an extender alters the fit, but it's such a gorgeous article of clothing!) The other keepers are the Freya Gem Halfcup 28DD - a surprisingly good fit and the only unpadded one that is flattering. Betsey Johnson Eyelet Lace Demi 30D is pretty good. The B.tempt'd Ciao Bella Balconette in 30DD is currently my favorite of all.

It just shouldn't be so hard! It's absurd that bands smaller than 32 are not readily available in the US. Who decided that?! For that matter, who decides that everyone in the country is like 32-38A-D?! This is insane. There needs to be a bra revolution.

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