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Beginning my journey to find a bra that actually fits me. My big rant is that no ... one ever told me how bras are supposed to be worn. I didn't find out why there are multiple teeth on a bra band until I was 37 years old! That's crazy! Every bra I have ever owned has been put on the tightest hook from day one. I never knew that bras stretched out naturally and that I would need to be able to tighten it. My ignorance as to how a properly fitting bra should feel made it even worse. I just assumed that they were supposed to be that loose. I also just found out that most of the support should come from the band. I'm a 27 inch rib cage and I've mostly worn 34s throughout my life because 32s aren't as easy to find as the larger band sizes in places like Walmart where I was buying the best bras on the market. (Major sarcasm, lol). Sadly it wasn't until this year that I even knew they made anything smaller than a 32 in anything other than a training bra. I feel deprived!
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