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My boobs.. Uhh I'm still figuring out shape, it's very confusing. I have no clue what my boobs ... are, it really depends on the day (and often the temperature :P).

What I prefer:
narrow center gores
narrow wires
strong cup construction, so the bottom doesn't wrinkle
foward projection
room for volume on the bottom
round shape

Brands I've tried:
Curvy Kate-the wires are too wide so my boobs slide to the side, instead of being centered
Panache-didn't work, the wires are too wide and the band digs in
Masquerade-I love the style of the bras, but I don't think I got them in the right size
Elomi-didn't work, the wires are too wide
Freya-I love the deco, and all the other bras are comfy, but the wires are too wide and there's not enough projection on the bottom
Cleo-REALLY didn't work, the band on the unpadded bras digs in and is really painful, they need to have less stretchy elastic and find a way to distribute the weight equally across the band rather than on two pieces of elastic
Ewa Michalak-magic, the wires are a lovely width for me, there is enough projection, my only complaint is that the band of elastic at the bottom of the gore can hurt
Tutti Rouge-super comfy, but not for me, I need more projection on the bottom, plus the sizing in super inconsistent
Parfait/Affinitas- the band is kind of uncomfortable, and I would say they run a band too small on some of their bras

Brands I'm lusting after:

I wear 34 G-GG or a 32GG-H, it depends on the brand.

If you have any questions about anything feel free to message me!!

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