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I've been on this site for a good while now, though not super active, but after deciding it ... was time to do something about my constant gradual weight gain, my weight loss means I feel like I'm starting all over again trying to fit a whole new body.

I'm thrilled to seemingly have dropped below the K-cup mark, where bras are smaller, and I don't need as much support, but I'm still probably always going to have huge breasts on a tiny frame. I'm definitely still on the plump side, but I'm just very small underneath.

Instead of before when my breasts were firm, they now seem to resemble giant mochi, and I'm still figuring out what is going to the the best size to put them into. I find I need an extremely firm band to hold everything in place, but cup size is a mystery at present.

My breast/body shape
~Tiny frame
~Narrow shoulders
~Straight back
~Very close-set breasts
~Narrow roots
~Very short roots
~Roughly even fullness
~Somewhat soft tissue

I'm probably doomed to still need to wear Ewa Michalak all the time where I have some fundamental body incompatibilities (my tiny shoulders and straight back do not match the patterning at all), but the bras are still very cute and give lovely uplift without totally dwarfing my frame. If only they'd make the straps closer together and the armpit lower in large cup sizes.

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