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I hope to find a bra, that will first of all, not make my boobs wider than my ... body, at all. Neither because they are East/West pointing, or because the volume on the sides is not pushed in.
^If I get this, I love the bra!

If I get to be more picky, I would also like the lift to be 'shelf-like'. My boobs are high-set, and a lift that pushes them further up than they are, will make the volume on my higher chest go all the way to my collar-bones!

I prefer padded bras: My boobs are quite soft and heavy, so they sort of easily conform to the shape of a padded bra, and I like the more stable feeling of the padding.

I don't like full-cupped bras, or very high center-gores - they just don't go well with my clothing. Other than that, I am all for super-practical bras: Bring on many hooks, and wide straps etc.

Fit issues I often encounter, is east-west, orange-in-a-glass, non-flat center gore and generally brass to flat for my bottom-heavy breasts.

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