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All listings » 65FF Kris Line unlined half cup

Kris Line Betty Halfcup Soft

Exchange or sell EUR €25.00

[Used] Will ship anywhere, ask for costs

Ships from Netherlands

Worn only once, as the cups are too narrow for me. In perfect condition.

Aubergine colorway

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band83.0
Band Length68.0
Bust perimeter94.0
Cup width13.5
Cup depth20.0
Cup height15.5
Cup separation1.5
Gore height7.5
Wing height8.5
Strap width1.8

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Owner's review

kate166 recently did a review of an unlined Comexim half cup, and we kind of came to the conclusion the unlined Polish half cups don't get nearly enough attention on this website. So I will try to do my part to rectify this by reviewing this unlined Kris Line half cup.

First off, it's a beauty! It reminds me of the embroidered Aubade half cups I used to wear back in the days when I still fit into them. They were flimsy little things, but beautiful! This Kris Line number is far less flimsy, and at least as beautiful, so that's a win for me. The ... cups are made out of fine, stable tule with an abstract floral pattern embroidered onto it, and the color is a gorgeous deep aubergine. The embroidery also covers the front part of the band and the straps, which is a nice touch.

Technically, it fits, but there are some issues.

First of all, it's a 65 band. I normally (and according to every calculator, should) wear a size 70, but this 65 band feels quite roomy. I also got one in a 70 band in my order, and that band was exactly the same length. Maybe this 65 bra is labeled incorrectly, or Kris Line may not be the most size consistent brand. Anyway, the band isn't horizontal in the back, but I don't think it's supposed to be; even when I let out the straps fully the band curves up in the back. It doesn't ride up during the day, so I'm going to go with it.

The cups are very narrow and deep, deeper and more narrow than any Ewa or Comexim I've ever tried, so all you super narrow ladies out there, this may be an interesting option for you! Normally half cups give me a very rounded (or even flattened, when they are too shallow) profile, but this model is so deep that it gives me a slight, vintage looking peak. I quite like this look under tight turtlenecks.

The narrowness is exacerbated by a couple of pretty aggressive side slings (the darker part on the outer area of the cup is the side sling). This pushes the breast tissue even more front and center than the narrow wires already do. For me, the side sling is too aggressive; even though the cup fits me width wise, the side sling pushes my breasts too far in and up, especially on the bottom part (I don't know if you can see this in the pictures, but from the side the wire seems to be sitting a little below my IMF. It is not. The side sling is just pushing my breast tissue up within the cup). It does give a very lifted front and center profile, and it doesn't show at all under clothes, so I may leave it, but if it bothers me I may take the side sling out.

What I particularly like is that this model is a true half cup, that is, the top of the cups create an almost fully horizontal line across my body. Ewa half cups have this too, but Comexim half cups have a much higher side wing, which makes them almost look like plunges on my very short boobs.

The 65FF cup is a smidge small at the moment, but I am anticipating some more weight loss, so I'll keep it (it was the last size available and heavily discounted).

Last little thing: the lace at the very top of the cup curves out a tiny bit, due to elastic band sewn along the top edge of the cup. This make the top edge appear a little bumpy under clothes.

In all, I like it a lot, and I strongly suggest people who need very narrow and deep bras to consider this as a half cup option. It also comes in several other pretty colours!

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Aubergine colorway

Updated on Sep 19, 2019 Flag this

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