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A bra isn’t only designed to look good and to make you feel good, it’s also supposed to properly support your breasts so your shoulders and back don’t have to.
A supportive bra feels better than a non supportive one, in every size!

That said, there are two situations in which bras have to fulfill special requirements: While doing sports and while swimming.


When you are doing some kind of a sport or exercise, your breasts are going to need extra support. Normal bras usually can't provide the stability that your breasts need to stay as jiggle-free as possible.

There are two main types of sports bras: Compression and encapsulation bras. Compression bras work by pushing your breast tissue as close as possible to your torso. Encapsulation bras separate your breasts into preformed cups and support them from beneath.

When choosing a sports bra, it is important to consider what type of activity you will be using the sports bra for. Some bras will work better for lighter activities with less vigorous movement, such as yoga or strength exercises; while others will do well supporting your breasts through more demanding activities, such as running, tennis, or horse-back riding.


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Many of the bra companies which are popular on Bratabase also produce swimwear, i.e. bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits in their size spectrum. That means that you can properly support your breasts on the beach, as well as show off your great taste in swimwear in your fitted size! :D Some women may choose to wear a bra-sized bikini top as a "swim bra" underneath a regular swimsuit.


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