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Bras » Wacoal » Sport Underwire Bra (855170) » 36DDD 36:6

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage88.3
B. perimeter30.8
Stretched Band88.9
Band Length71.9
Bust perimeter108.5
Cup width17.7
Cup depth25.4
Wire length33.8
Cup height20.9
Cup separation1.9
Gore height14.4
Wing height12.7
Strap width3.0

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    Hasn't set fit

    This is the same review I left on Bare Necessities website: I’ve owned many bras in this style over 10 yrs, however, I’ve gained a good 25-30 lbs in that time, too. This change moved me into a category that makes for a completely different and frustrating bra shopping experience. I visited many sites for reviews before my current purchase, including one from the UK which compares bra sizing and lists all the specs for this particular wacoal sports bra. It was helpful, however, Wacoal is far from “normal” sizing of other bras. First off, on their sizing chart, they tell you to add 4” to your actual ... band size. Then, the reviews mention over and over to either size up or down (usually most say up), due to discrepancies in fit.

    I weigh 150 and just under 5’3” tall. I have a smaller rib cage, but a very round and heavy bust. I personally like a tighter fit and prefer to maximize my breasts to make my shorter waist seem slimmer. But, also, I will not forego comfort either!! I think am in between sizes currently. I measure 34” around comfortably, however the 34 band I always wore in the past has become too tight, 36” may be good for me, but in this particular bra, the sizing “tests” recommended for me by Wacoal, put me at 38” around and DD cup. I used to only wear a DD cup in this bra. BUT, like I said, I gained a lot and mostly in my boobs! Now, though, according to UK general sizing which accounts for band to cup size ratio, (not the added extra 4” like Wacoal), I would be a 34 H/HH. This translates to a U.S. size of 34K/L. This bra, and many American choices, don’t have that size available. So, essentially, this is wound up going up one band size and down 2 cup sizes for this Wacoal bra. Read more below regarding how I got to the pretty-close-to-perfect size for my ladies. It was process!!!

    I’ve always loved this bra for everything it describes, but I was hesitant on ordering this time after reading the many comments on Wacoal sizing. Seems once anything larger than a DDD is introduced, you have to decide whether you are going to deal with the very tall gore height (middle bar between boobs) showing through your tops or the shorter version and it being somewhat concealed amongst your cleavage. I found this to be true as I ordered the 36G in this bra, as well, and it was oh so comfy, except for that one caveat! That bar is HUGE!! Unclassy, to say the least, and since I wear these as my everyday bras as well as workout bras, I would no longer be able to get away with the former in this size! I felt like the Terminator. This is why I can’t imagine wearing the UK-suggested size of 34H (besides Wacoal doesn’t make this in size K), but instead took my chances on going up in band and down in cups to the lower gore height in the DDD.

    To be fair, the gore has never laid flat against my chest and has never affected my comfort or look either. If there was a band size in between, like 35” or 37”, I think it’d come closer to laying flat on me. But, as it stands, I found the 36 DDD, to be the closest fit, relatively, to my old 34DD I always knew and loved for years! Of course, over the years, due to the longevity of this bra, my smaller bras stretched out perfectly...until they no longer did. Lol. That’s how I got away with the incorrect sizing for so long, when I “should’ve been” wearing an H or K or whatever by now!! I lost track after awhile of everything alphabetically-speaking while on this journey! All of this involved actual measurements of my breasts in standing, bending, lying positions on the UK site, not just Wacoal’s confusing, sizing considerations. I did take it all in, but I’m still perplexed and frustrated by the bra size differences between brands and amongst countries. This is just my experience and I wanted to share it in case it will help anyone in the same position!!

    I know this is a long post, but not near as long as all the time I’ve put into trying to find the best bra fit for me. As I said, I decided to keep the 36DDD (UK 36E), which reduces the gore height just enough to not stick out like a sore thumb for me. The only complaint I have is that the wing height on the side is a tad taller in the DDD vs the G, but also the wire isn’t as long as the G, making for a slightly uncomfortable rub...not under my armpits, but on the inside of my bicep, from the material that is at the end of the wire. Not the actual wire, though, thank God and that’s why this bra works for me. It’s made of sturdy construction, nonetheless!! Usually, it stretches out enough while wearing inbetween washes anyways, that I don’t notice. Only sometimes has it irritated me after 12 hrs of constant wearing and I can’t wait to take it off. Other than that, it is tight enough in the band when worn on the loosest hook, which will give plenty of room for stretch out in the long run. The straps are perfect and I feel so confident in this bra. I will take this tiny inconvenience in the HUGE picture (pun intended).

    I am afraid of trying Wacoal actual suggested size for me (38DD), as I feel the band will be too loose and/or the cup size too small to encapsulate my breast the way I need to be comfortable. I will give that a shot next, though, just to compare. I figured since Wacoal says if the band is too loose, then go down a size (36) and up in cup (DDD), it might work and it did for me. I am very happy with my purchase and so relieved to have found quality with this bra that others don’t have.

    Also to note, I ordered this in black, so the nude may be an even better fit since there are no dyes used there. I’ll order it next. Also, for comparison, I did try the Wacoal basic benefits t-shirt bra in 34G and 36DDD and there is NO comparison...on comfort, sizing or quality!!! Sent those puppies back immediately! Quality or sizing cant be compared to this sports bra. Bare Necessites is always awesome with return policy. It was 10 days and I had my money back for the bras I didn’t keep! Thank you to BN!I hope this post is helpful to people and if you made it this far, I hope you find your perfect bra for all the time you’ve invested in your research!!

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    Black colorway

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    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Mar 26, 2013

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    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Oct 06, 2019