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Bras » Wacoal » Bodysuede Undewire Bra (85185) » 32DDD 32:6

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage80.3
B. perimeter26.0
Stretched Band83.3
Band Length59.7
Cup width15.0
Cup depth23.2
Wire length27.7
Cup height21.4
Cup separation2.6
Gore height7.6
Wing height10.2
Strap width3.2

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  1. 4

    Didn't fit

    Wacoal Bodysuede and Awareness bras are in a league all their own!! Although not ideal for narrow breasts, the wires are ideal for my "somewhat narrow" breasts. And, though an imperfect fit, these fit imperfections are almost tolerable considering the padding enveloping every millimeter of steel in this bra. Forgive and is possible with padded wires" alt=";-)" />

    Padded Wires:
    Now that I have experienced padded wires, I may never wear a bra without padded wires again. My ribs have virtually no padding and they flare. This has made 99.9% of underwires intolerable. And, had wireless options been less padded, more ventilated, and/or ... provided mechanisms to prevent my projected pair from collapsing the cup and the band, subsequently, digging into my ribs, I would have not continued to search for a wired bra. Fortuitously, my seemingly unending quest for comfort has landed me here with Bodysuede.

    "Body Microfiber" is a more accurate description of this bra. Fellow lovers of water, this laudable Wacoal creation will shed microplastics in our water supply when washed. I hope gentle hand washing in Euclan will dramatically reduce the microplastic shedding at my home. (@Wacoal the popularity of these bras requires a cradle-to-grave solution. Please.) However, these microplastics are the most soft, supple bra fabric ever. If unaware of the plastic, I would choose this over silk. Soft, soft, soft.

    Whoa. My nipples are lifted 2" higher in Bodysuede than in my push-up bras; all with zero padding. This lift causes a collision at the gore and a bit of quadding along the top edge of the cup. But, the support is incredible. I thought this would create a minimizing profile, but the profile is round and ample. In truth, both Awareness and Bodysuede are better fits for my projected, somewhat narrow breasts than I ever imagined. They fit more like a "hand bra" than any unlined bras I've thus far tried.

    This bra fits similarly to 65H Gorsenia K000-K199/"Big" models. In fact, even the immediate projection in Bodysuede is similar--excellent. Like I do in the Gorsenia 65H, I need a bit more apex projection and cup width. If this were a Polish bra, I'd buy the next size up and know with 90% certainty the bra would fit. But, Wacoal uses larger scaling increments than Polish manufacturers, and the 34DDD (32G sister size) may be too large. I'll find an inexpensive, used model to try for bra science. I'm stunned more data is not available for these wildly comfortable bras. I theorize people find these bras and their search is over" alt=";-)" />" alt=";-)" /> Certainly, Bodysuede and Awareness have dramatically reduced the pool of "qualified applicants" in my wardrobe. After 300+ bras, I am thrilled!

    If you're familiar with my reviews, you've read this 250+ times: the gore is too wide for my center-full, close-set breasts. Typically, this is where I surrender. I've overlapped gores in the past and found my self suddenly stuffed into a too-small bra. Or, I've overlapped the gore and the wires still sit on my breast tissue along the gore and 1/4 the way along the underside of each breast. Bodysuede's .8" gore is 50% too wide.

    Recently, I successfully removed the wires from another Wacoal bra and replaced them with #40 BravoBella flex wires. This is precisely what I'll do with Bodysuede. The BravoBella #40 wire is approximately the same width, but it is shorter both at the gore and wing. My short-waisted self demands shorter wires than Wacoal usually offers in my size. The shorter wire combined with wire padding may be the perfect solution for my wire woes. Hoping" alt=":-)" />

    Cushioned, partially adjustable, best for average height, wide, SUPPORTIVE. I like these straps so well, I'm transplanting them from used/inexpensive models onto bras that need better straps. If comfort is more important than appearance, you, too, may adore these straps.

    100% smitten. However, I lament that padded wires are not, yet, available for all bras, all styles, all sizes. And, I hope Wacoal, as always, expands their size range.

    This fits with Bravo Bella 42 wires during the smaller two weeks of the month. Purchasing a 34DDD for the larger two weeks.

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    French Nude colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Mar 25, 2017 Flag this

    • 2

      Yay! You've found a near-ideal underwire bra that works with your body - and you have a solution in mind for the gore width problem. That is awesome. The t-shirt pic shows a remarkably flattering, lifted and shaped profile! Padded underwires are the best - my old Maidenforms had them and they were quite nice, even if the bra was otherwise all wrong. I might have to give this Wacoal model a go just because your review makes it sound so darn comfy! Thanks for the thorough review as always!

    • 2ks-rddit-80 :-) :-) The available sizes are limited....

    • 1

      Wow, that's a great lift! I underestimated these bras. No wonder my grandma wears them exclusively. :)

      Padded wires sound lovely. I also have a flared ribcage and trouble with wire pain. I wonder if I could sew padding onto the wire channel of my bras without affecting the fit too much?

    • wild_muses I've been contemplating this myself. If you find a padding mechanism that works, please share your methodology! :-) :-)

      I took the wires out of this bra and still it was lifting. Amazing! Like you, I never gave these a second thought. But, once I have the #42 Bravo Bella wires in, this may be the only unlined bra I wear.

      Good luck with your wire padding adventures :-)

    • 1

      I really love the Awareness bra, too.

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    Didn't fit

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    black colorway

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