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Bras » Victoria's Secret » Unknown Model » 40DD 40:5

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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band0.0
Band Length0.0
Bust perimeter0.0
Cup width0.0
Cup depth0.0
Wire length0.0
Cup height0.0
Cup separation0.0
Gore height0.0
Wing height0.0
Strap width0.0

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    Didn't fit

    I have three of these bras and they are all too big in the band and too small in the cup. I bought these last year when I was starting to realize I have been wearing the wrong size for years. This was the size I was told by a VS rep to wear. Well I know now that this is not the right size. I now know I need a 38 band, but figuring out the cup size is still a journey.

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    • 2

      I curiously went into VS to see if they'd measure me a month and a half ago I was a 30gg they sized me as a.... Wait for it... 38A!
      Their sizing technique is absolutely horrendous :(

    • 1

      Yes I found that out after spending $175 on three bras. When I spoke to someone at VS this year and told them my measurements she said you should wear a 38F but we don't carry that size, you could order a 40DDD and it probably would fit.

    • 1

      ...Nothing like getting a vague "Oh it'll probably fit" to get one in the shopping mood.

      If they weren't just cheap crap overpriced cookie cutter bras on top of the LOUSY HORRENDOUS VERY BAD fitting thing they have going, I'd tell those bishes to SELL them bras. Make the customers feel like their lives will literally be less complete without at least 4 bras bought that very day. But they are lousy, horrendous, very bad, overpriced, cheap worst enemy would deserve better than VS.

    • 1

      valentine556 tell us how you really feel LOL
      I understand the frustration with vs completely. Although I do own a couple knock out sports bras which I love for weight lifting :)

    • tuchinha

      At least in your case and a few others, VS hasn't yet become wasted retail space at the mall - TBH comparisons of VS u/w bras to the ones sold at Walmart (in my experience) have more similarities that make one wonder if you're paying so much more for the same bra to have the brand name on the tag say VS. and maybe keep some inadequately trained people employed. I hope to see the day where VS is no longer considered a 'prestige brand' for women buying their first 'sexy matching sets', to cap successful weight loss programs, when they get divorced and start dating again, and all the other milestones that go hand in hand with buying new underpinnings here in the U.S - college is a time for testing out those newly adult privileges and most will make a number of bad decisions like wearing pants with "juicy" emblazoned on the butt, buying cutesy matching sets at VS, spending enough to be a VIB rouge at Sephora, and frat parties. If you're still doing those after graduation you 1.) majored in something that pays well and got recruited Senior year at uni in a stable job; 2.) need to sit down and have a "come to beezus" discussion about your questionable pants/sets/date choices; followed up with 3.) getting properly measured for successful bra buying in your size because you're not getting any younger, boobs shouldn't be tortured or neglected till people start confusing the tatas with 'huevos' peeking out from under a calf-length skirt.

    • valentine556 you crack me up lol
      I live in Canada and walmarts bras here do not compare to Vs and I'm not saying vs is amazing.
      I have two little kids that I always buy stuff for them first so I have minimal left over to splurge without feeling guilty. I always save up and buy polish bras now.
      I got the knockouts during their sport promotion when it was $75 for a bra and leggings and I love their leggings for the gym so I got a 34ddd and wear an ill fitting sports bra lol cups aren't too bad cuz it's a sports bra but I will be pulling out my sewing machine to reinforce the band and make it more of a 30-32 band
      I wouldn't have bought one at regular price id rather have comexim it ewa

    • tuchinha

      I must sound like a bra snob. :P But those foam dome bras that make every breast look uniform and smoothly non-nippled from VS or Walmart fall apart just as fast and commit such horrible bra crimes upon the boobies. If the minis weren't in the midst of maturing (we've found that handing down bras isn't a workable strategy) I wouldn't go cheap on their bras but at this stage they're within the matrix and still developing. The youngest looks like she's going to need another sizing change and she's thoroughly unhappy about it. Her older sister is stalking around all moody and they're fighting like two cats in one carrier.

      I totally understand wanting to get the best deal for the money though. :P Just think saving up for better quality is a good plan when on a budget. ;)

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    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Feb 02, 2014

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    Hasn't set fit

    Didn't write a review

    Lavender colorway

    Added on May 22, 2018