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Bras » Victoria's Secret » Body By Victoria Lace Plunge Unlined Demi Bra (337-455)

Body By Victoria Lace Plunge Unlined Demi Bra (337-455)


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  1. 32 A-DDD ... (32 :1-:6)
  2. 34 A-DDD ... (34 :1-:6)
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  4. 38 B-DDD ... (38 :2-:6)
  5. 40 C-DDD ... (40 :3-:6)

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    I never thought in a million years I would like Victoria's Secret, let alone have become slightly obsessed with their bras.

    Let me set the scene. I live in the UK. I discovered my "true" size approx 3 years ago, going from a 34D to a 30DD. I now wear a 30E or F usually. My impression of VS up until the last month was solely based on other people's experiences from reading about bad fittings and company attitudes on online blogs and seeing their somewhat irresponsible advertising and imagery which very much does not appeal to me.
    I went to Birmingham a couple of months ago where ... they had a VS store, and I figured I go in and have a look around, hoping to have a giggle at the nasty diamante encrusted push up tack and feel smug about how supportive the bra I was wearing was.
    However, my plan failed when I saw a couple of unlined bras I really liked (basically the only two unpadded items in the shop!). I tried one style in a 32DDD (E UK) and the other style in 32DD. The fit was really pretty good...and those designs and materials were gorgeous. Anyway, I promptly left after deciding I couldn't let myself be sucked in and the fact they're like £40 a go meant this was not a decision I wanted to make quickly.
    On my way back home to my home town of Bristol, I had a vague recollection a VS was opening...and googled it to find it had already opened, 5 mins walk from where I work! So anyway to cut a long story short I have been lurking in the shop more than it is healthy trying to find the two unlined bras in a 32DD as they NEVER have them in stock. Eventually gave in and ordered online (!!! madness) and then they stuffed up the order and sent me this bra instead of the other style I ordered (I also ordered this bra in light blue which actually fits slightly differently to this one!). BAH!!!

    But - this bra is a great fit on me. I measure 30.5 underbust and was worried this may be too big as it is my first 32 bra. However I wore it comfortably on the loosest hook today although think I will definitely be utilising the others fairly shortly as fully stretched this does measure 32 so is true to size. There are 4 sets too which I'm pleased about. For me this design is KILLER! It reminds me very much of my Parfait Caroles except this guy has a gorgeous crochet over the lower boob part rather than lace. The upper cup is a thin mesh. The main difference between this and Carole (and what made me desperate to try this) is that this is a plunge - there is barely a gore in that it doesn't even really come up between my boobs. Sometimes the high gore on my Caroles irritates very very slightly, so to have such a similar design without that one teeny failing is AWESOME! The wires on this are slightly narrower I think, another slight reservation that I had, but I actually think this wire follows my natural breast root better than any other bra. It is very comfy and materials so soft. With no visible seams and no labels the band's interior and exterior are both completely smooth. For all VS's advertising bullshit, they seem to make some smart choices with the designs of their items. Another one is that although the straps are only half adjustable (as they get wider from the top of the shoulder down to the cups), you can detach them at the back and make them into a crossover back. I haven't tried this yet, but it's a great way to provide an alternative/racerback way to wear as well as making the half adjustable issue more wearable for more petite ladies.Smart, huh?

    Time will tell with this one how good the quality is and how quickly the band stretches out. If these two factors hold up though, this might be a bra I basically buy in every colour.

    Whilst VS have some clear failings, they've pleasantly surprised me in many ways so far. I must say I do feel slightly ashamed of this blossoming love but it's also pretty awesome to have a shop in my city that sells beautiful things that fit me well (albeit at a rather inflated price). Arghh I feel like I'm selling out the large cup community and am battling slightly with my initial judgements of the company and how I feel now.
    But yeah, great bra if you fit in the size range!" alt=":-)" />

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    Neon Coral colorway

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      I dont think you are the only one to find they actually like some VS bras. A lot of the venom towards VS comes from their awful sizing advice, esp for people who really are not in their size range. Its cute!

    • I've come across a few unlined VS bras that I really like as well. And like you I'm a 30DD (sometimes 28E), and I get 32D. They're a lot more comfortable than most of the bras I have.
      I have a longline version of this bra you have coming to me soon.

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      Prettyncharmeuse Ooh I saw the longline version on the clearance section of their website in my size the day after I placed my order, d'oh! And it's down to like £14. I would soooo have bought! Never mind though :-) Hope it works for you. dbmamaz that's a relief, makes me feel a little better to hear that a lot of people aren't immune to VS's charms! I completely get that they only stock a small size range and abuse a position of trust to mis-fit and sell people bras that don't fit them, and I believe that's wrong. That's why I'm torn because I don't like the idea of buying things from a company who think that is acceptable way to do business/treat people. The horrible irony is that this year I've specifically wanted to "vote with my money" to get into smaller, more ethically made brands. And what do I do? Sell my soul to the biggest lingerie company in America! Eek :-/ damn them for opening a shiny store in my home town ha.

    • I'm always torn with this whole 'buy local' thing . . . i mean, I mostly buy groceries and paper goods. I do buy some bras from EM, which is a small woman-owned business, but certainly not local! I buy veggies at the farmers market when its open. but . . . most everything else comes from amazon, target and kohls. there arent very many small stores near me anyways.

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      This bra looks fabulous on you! I don't have much VS experience - the ones I've seen were mostly padded, so I thought that's all they made. I don't think you should worry about the VS image - it fits and you like it, so it's a success.

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      emsiepie I'm happy you found a bra that works well for you! Thanks for sharing your story of guilty love, which made me smile. That Victoria's Secret does serve some customers' needs well doesn't mean you've betrayed the full bust community at all! I didn't know VS made unpadded and unlined bras. That's good to know.

    • I have a VS unlined bra for sale actually - it was the last 'almost fits' bra I bought - I think a 32DD demi. I wore it maybe twice before getting pregnant (yeah, I think it was my lucky bra lol) and never wearing it again. its older of course, maybe before the pushup padded ones were so popular?

    • 2

      erispe Aww thank you. I'm trying to not overthink the whole image/ethics thing with VS items but I reckon it'll take me a while to get over it! (haha two more bras might do it! ;-))
      @learningaboutbras Omg "guilty love" sums it up perfectly, ha! :-) you hit the nail on the head there!

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    Didn't fit

    I've heard a lot of good things about this bra and how comfy it was...not so much for me. It's absolutely beautiful and the band is super soft (it IS part of the "Body" collection which is infamous for the softest soft ever felt!). But it just isn't working for me. Surprisingly, it seems like the gore actually tacks! However, the wires are digging into my girls because the cup/wire separation at the gore is too far apart for my boobs. This is what makes me miss my Anna Pardal customizations" alt=":(" /> And trying this bra on really made me miss my ... EM SM Wanilla. Too bad my VS Angel credit card doesn't work on Ewa purchases" alt=";)" />

    The thing I like best about this bra is just how tight the band is for a 32! It only stretched a little past 29" (barely 29.5" before the wires started distorting). And the "Cool Spring Blue" colorway is gorgeous!! I wanted something bright and colorful, and fun for winter. And this is the perfect color! So pretty. And the Crochet detailing adds a nice, feminine, classy touch (seems to cover up your nipples in just the right places without taking away from the sexy see-through mesh. I really wish this bra worked for me, but I'm not too fond of the shape it's giving me, nor am I crazy about wires digging into my boobs. Just not the right shape for this bra I guess.

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    "Cool Spring Blue" colorway

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Dec 05, 2016 Flag this

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    Cool Spring Blue colorway

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    Dream Blue colorway

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    Ruby Wine Lace (GG2) colorway

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