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  1. Like You 28101



    Didn't fit

    When I heard the Triola company have expanded their bra sizes, I was going to give it a try.

    I do not own this bra, I only tried it on in a shop and immediately knew it didn´t fit.

    The band is too loose - I was able to pull it more than three inches away from my body. So I´d say it´s very loose even for a 30 (65) band. My two Curvy Kate bras in 30HH still work for me, but this one could never do that. Even if the cups were ok, I would still have not bought this bra.

    The cups were too small and ... I´d say they don´t work well for projected breasts with a lot of central fullness.

    The design of the bra features flying birds, which is a cute idea. The bra is lightly padded and quite comfortable.

    On the other hand, I appreciate there is actually a Czech company trying to make bras in larger cup sizes. Still not working for me, but I hope there are other women who shall be happy about that. Although I would like to point out, that their videos and size chart tell you that if you measure your band size as 79cm, you should purchase a 80 bra, which makes no sense - in fact, given how loose their bands are, this particular lady would probably be quite happy in a 65 band!

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    This bra is not owned any more

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    • I've never expected that I see a review of bra from some Czech brand :-)

    • :-D glad I was able to do so... But unless they add higher cup sizes, there´s nothing more coming from me (which is a shame, because the bird print was lovely).

      Oh, btw, I started reading your blog recently and it was really good to read something in Czech :-)

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  2. Like You 27763 (27763)



    Hasn't set fit

    This bra is very comfortable, the wing is high enough with 3 hooks. There is vertical wire near the cup. Straps are wide and comfortable. The top of cup is from elastic lace which enables the bra to fit your boobs perfectly. The bra makes beautiful natural shape of the boobs.

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  3. (22751)

    I'm so happy at the moment, this is the first time for me to be able to go to a store and try on bras that would actually fit. Triola is a traditional local brand with all the good and bad that comes with that. Until recently, they didn't generally make cups bigger than a G or sometimes H (F-FF). But this changed with their new line "like you" which is aimed at young ladies with a small underbust and D+ cups.

    The measurments will have to wait until the evening as I refuse to take the bra off. As with everything, there are downsides and upsides. But ... the superior comfort is really something that wins this bra about a million points in my book. It is lightly padded and the material is very soft, there is no poking or tension anywhere. It is very supportive and I love the strong material of the band. I'm also very happy with the look, the black/white pattern of the fabric combined with bright red straps and decorative buttons makes it seem very playful and daring. In terms of the fit - it's not 100% made for someone of my shape, but there are specific areas in which the bra solves some of my reoccuring fitting issues excellently (armpit, strap placement), so I'm more than willing to overlook some minor concerns (cup shape).

    This is the first bra I own that really supports good posture and helps the back carry the weight at the front with clever weight-distribution. This is even more apparent when the straps are clipped into an X at the back - it is tricky to clip it and unclip it by yourself, but it's by no means impossible. Other special feature is a "flexi-underwire", which means that the end (about 1cm) near the armpit is bendy. Therefore there are no hard, firm edges that you'd feel, it can't poke you even with the wildest contortions you can think of - also probably because of this the bra can run higher under the armpit without causing discomfort, so it contains tissue better without compromises comfort-wise.

    Also finally this is a bra with strap placement compatible with a wide upper chest and upright posture - most bras I own fight with me and want me to slouch due to the arm cutout being too generous and strap placement too narrow in the front. Not this one. Absolutely perfect, concentrates all the tissue into the cup instead of allowing it to escape near the arm as is the case with so many bras.

    Now for the not-so-good. It is apparent this is a bra for wide breasts with not much inner fullness. Or maybe for a differently shaped ribcage (I have a prominent sternum that's pushing my bras out into a more triangular position than they're designed for, never found anything that solved that). Due to this problem I'm not getting much forward projection. Triola is however known for aiming at a nice round shape and the silouhette from the front view is very pleasant. The issue is not compromising comfort, however, which is the most important thing.

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