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Bras » Shock Absorber » Ultimate Run Bra (B5044) » 32D 32:4

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage71.4
B. perimeter23.0
Stretched Band75.8
Band Length57.2
Bust perimeter85.8
Gore height15.4
Wing height9.6
Strap width3.4

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  1. 2

    Used to fit

    This is a really great bra.

    Growing up, I mostly only wore sports bras. (I think constantly wearing compression bras almost 24/7 (I wore them to bed) while developing, probably didn't help my case much." alt=":p" />)

    However, this is the FIRST sports bra to ever fit me.
    Makes me face palm at myself when I think of 3 years ago, asking my mom if I could get a tank top with a built in sports bra for running. She did pick one up, and it sagged everywhere and we had to take it back.
    I didn't bother trying another one until a year or so later, ... in Medium. That one was tight, but not good enough for sprinting. Not even running, just jogging.

    I tried this bra on and jumped around a bit, and nothing moved. I've never had a sports bra like this. Super happy with the 32D.
    The band is super taut and supportive. This is used, but it seriously feels like a new bra. It feels better than any of the sports bras I bought previously, when they were brand new.

    I'd recommend sizing up in the band, and down in the cups, for more compression. Especially soft tissue.
    I'm in between soft and mildly firm, and I think I MAY fit the 32DD, but I really don't believe my boobs would be kept in place as well as they are in the 32D. It's exactly what I need and want from a sports bra.

    If you have extremely firm tissue, maybe try one in your usual size (but sister size up in cups and band), and one in the smaller size+bigger band ( bigger band, 1 cup down from sister size).
    I'm not super firm, just mildy in some spots, so I don't know for certain, unfortunately.

    I also like the general design of this. It's very simple. I like the black.
    I'll usually settle with colors and designs in sports bras, but in reality, I don't really like grays, whites, or super loud, neony colors.
    I've only ever had neons and white, cheap sports bras, like cotton/spandex, pull over bralettes, and they dirty quickly and never work.

    I like the entire look and structure of this. It's exactly what I've always wanted.

    The racerback feature is also really nice. I prefer racerbacks in most bras, but again, usually settle.

    The shape is also good. Usually, sports bras give me weird, box boobs. I think because of the structure and design of this bra, it retains a rounded shape, while still compressing. Oh, and without wires, of course. I've never gotten a rounded shape without wires.

    Not that much of that matters when you're running anyway, but sometimes I like to go out places before I go for a workout, and having box boobs just makes me feel awkward.

    As for straps, I haven't readjusted them, but there are 8 slots for the hook, which are for lengthening/shortening. I mostly never have issues with straps, but this seems to adjust pretty high/low.

    The cups/bra itself comes up pretty high on my chest, so I have no issues with my tall roots or anything making this a strange fit. It's pretty perfect.

    Fabric is a double layered(I think), silky material, and a mesh, with a taut, elastic band.

    I think I'll be sticking with Shock Absorbers for a long time." alt=":)" />

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    Updated on Jul 07, 2015 Flag this

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    I love the (adjustable) racerback hooks on this bra. It keeps the usuals bra-straps away from my arms and gives me total freedom while climbing and running. It gives absolute support, it really honours its name. I have never worn a better sports bra. After two years I still wear it on the outer most hook, showing the non-stretching quality.
    I did buy this one size to big (at the time), because my usual size was way too small; this shows that this brand uses real sizes, a 60 is 60 cm.
    Because of its perfect snug fit, it gets kinda uncomfortable after wearing it for a full day, but luckily that doesn't happen often.

    Updated on May 26, 2014 Flag this

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  3. 0

    Didn't fit

    I'm still a bit shell shocked that it fits me in this size - my old Shock Absorber size before migration was 32B.
    Once I've managed to close the upper fastener, the bra is quite comfortable and feels a lot like the Shock Absorber Max (4490). I haven't gone running in it yet, but it seems to give extremely good support - it's a level 4 sports bra. Being a compression type sports bra, it does of course "flatten" me quite a bit.

    Updated on Mar 27, 2013 Flag this

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Jun 20, 2015

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    Added on Apr 14, 2015

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    Didn't fit