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Bras » Parfait By Affinitas » Sandrine Plunge Longline (5351) » 32DD 32:5

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage71.1
B. perimeter22.9
Stretched Band76.2
Band Length61.0
Cup width12.7
Cup depth21.6
Wire length20.3
Cup height15.9
Cup separation2.5
Gore height10.2
Wing height12.7
Strap width1.3

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  1. 1

    Used to fit

    Runs TIGHT. I'd recommend the 30 band for those who need a 26!

    I first grabbed a 30E, and I could NOT get all the hooks closed without the delicate nylon lace feeling like it was going to rip!! The associate was able to help me, but the wires were SO strained, the cups were extremely east-west. We grabbed several 30 bands to see if the one I had was a fluke, but NOPE, all the 30 bands were about 2 inches shorter on both wings when held up to the 32!! I ended up going with the 32 band, because it was more comfortable, and because with my ... flared ribs in front, I need more flexibility since the bra has plastic boning that likes to dig.

    I am surprised this molded cup looks and fits so awesomely on me. The wires fit perfectly, so narrow for a molded bra; there's no empty space in the bottom of the cup, so not shallow; and it BARELY cuts into my full on top breasts, not too closed on top! All three things that molded cups are notorious for!! The cup apex is a bit higher than my natural one, giving a slightly empty bubble in the direct middle of the cup, but I am VERY full on top and point slightly downwards, so that's fine. (I don't want upside down 7 boobs under shirts, so molded perky is just fine, haha). For those who are projected, the cup shape is PERFECT! Also, the gore is low, which is fabulous for my close roots. Being a long line, it feels very secure despite technically being too loose near the bottom of the band. It doesn't ride up, so I count that as fitting." alt=":)" />

    The one downfall is that over time, the plastic boning has curved so that it stabs into my ribs. (Yay flared ribs.) This means that at the end of a long day, I want to rip it off, which I usually don't feel in bras that fit me! I've contemplated replacing the boning, or removing it all together. Because I freaking LOVE this bra! I want to wear it all the time!!

    Other perks: BEAUTIFUL lace details up the straps. I honestly don't care if they show, because they're SO PRETTY. Also, they aren't too wide!! The straps don't cut into my armpits! The mesh is breathable, so I don't get sweaty despite it technically covering more skin. The color is FABULOUS on my skin. It's a bit more cool-toned than I am, but you can hardly tell. In some lighting, it blends perfectly. Works great for under thin summer shirts. Speaking of which...

    ...Now that summer is here and most clothing is thin and clingy, I need a bra that doesn't show through. I'm ok with seams showing, but prefer smooth under thin clothes. I never thought I'd have a molded bra again, especially being FOT and having immediate projection, BUT THIS ONE WORKS!!! YAY!!!

    Would love to have this in black to wear as a crop top!

    Shout out to The Pencil Test in Portland, Oregon for their forever excellent bra selection and customer service! ^_^

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    Cameo Rose colorway

    Updated on Aug 02, 2017 Flag this

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    • 2

      Thanks for the detailed review!! Now I think this one will work for me in a 30DD so I'll have to be on the look out.

    • 2

      yogurt You're welcome! ^_^ I'm trying to catch up with all the reviews I'm lacking.

    • Thank you so much for providing such an informative review. I came across this bra online and really liked the look of it. There aren't many reviews for it but yours is so detailed that it makes up for that :-)
      I'm in a different size range to you but the projection, narrow wires, low gore and more centred straps give me hope that this might work for me.
      How is the cup height? Would you say it is average for your size range?

    • M91 Oi, in my head I had responded already!! Oops :P

      As for cup height, I find it a bit tall. It seems kind of full coverage. I have tall roots, and it feels like it touches pretty high. Even in the photos, you can see that there is almost as much cup above the apex as below. If you have short roots, you might find empty space at the top. It's a great shape for tall roots especially if full on top.

      The cup are also quite "closed" near the center, so while the gore is very low, don't let some of the stock photos fool you, there would be NO way to get crazy cleavage in this bra unless: A) you're quadding, B) you're spilling out the center and the cups are cutting in, or C) the cups are made more "open" on top by the breasts pushing the apexes to be pointing down towards the ground. For a plunge, it's quite closed all the way around and full coverage. Great if you want to for sure be strapped in, but not good if you have close roots and a lot of center fullness.

      As for the immediate projection.... I have found that now that I've worn it for a while, it definitely slides down throughout the day. Now that the band has stretched and is definitely too loose even on the tightest setting, the wires end up sitting about a half inch below my breasts, and I feel like I always have to push them up. If I tighten the straps, then the wires stay put, but then the band rides up. :P So I'd say that for a molded, it's more projected than usual, and very projected at the apex for a molded, but definitely not Ewa-Michalak-worthy immediate projection.

      Another update: I have ribs that stick out right below my breasts, and this has caused the plastic boning to bend so it digs in like crazy. I'll have to remove it or I want to die by the end of the day. :(

    • It's a really awesome bra, until it wears out. But I guess that's true for all bras?? Haha

    • Slava-Zone
      Thank you so much for your reply! You provided so much detail and it was really helpful 😁 I'm sorry to hear that the bra has work out and is not capable of doing its job so well anymore.
      It seems like this bra probably wouldn't work for me but I'd still like to try it some day. I think my roots are average-tall but I'm high set and so most bras do not work for me 😞 I think I sometimes stuff myself into smaller cups than I should wear because if I size up it will be too tall under the armpits. I suppose Comexims with alterations may be my best chance of finding a good fit.

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