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Bras » Parfait By Affinitas » Madeline Contour Bra (4501) » 34FF 34:8

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage81.3
B. perimeter27.3
Stretched Band83.5
Band Length68.1
Cup width16.2
Cup depth26.7
Wire length27.3
Cup height0.0
Cup separation1.8
Gore height7.1
Wing height10.4
Strap width1.3

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  1. 1


    Last thing first: With the exception of the Charlotte, Parfait by Affinitas is not very good at making comfortable bras.

    ---My Shape---
    Boobs: mostly even slight FOB, wide-set, 10.5-11" perimeter depending on place in cycle.

    ---The Bra---
    This bra has a couple fit issues, one requiring adjustments when you put it on. First, the straps are quite long, even long for me as a 6'0" tall woman. When I put it on at first, there was slight orange-in-glass effect going on. I have perkier boobs, so I needed to adjust the straps quite a bit. After doing so, the orange-in-glass went away, and my boobs filled the bottom.

    The second ... fit issue is the overall shape. This bra takes on a stiff, tear-drop shape that is common in American brands (this is a UK brand as far as I know, so that surprised me a bit). The shape bothers me underneath clothes, and contributes to the slight orange-in-glass effect I was experiencing. Thankfully adjusting the straps seems to correct that. If my boobs were totally even-shaped, this bra would be a dud.

    The band is VERY VERY SNUG. I tend to prefer a snug band to extend the life of my bras, which Parfait by Affinitas has down. However, if it were any tighter it would be unwearable. Extremely small band for a 34.

    The material is slightly scratchy. I don't think it was worn much before I bought it (from another user). The 3-hook structure also makes it a little difficult to undo. I really do not prefer 3 hooks as I tend to accidentally break one of the hooks off, as I've done with several bras. I have to be really careful about that with this bra.

    Overall, not one of my favorite bras. I've been spoiled by my six Freyas, I think. I've owned a few bras by Parfait, and all had some component(s) that made them super annoying to wear. My first bra (the Tamara) was so ridiculously shallow in the cups that my boobs had nowhere to go but up. I've tried on a few others off Amazon, I can't remember the names now, that I pretty much returned the next day due to crazy fit issues, mostly with orange-in-glass and shallowness (Parfait is so extreme!). It's like they either make super shallow boobs-up-to-your-chin bras, or really stiff tear-shapes that hardly anyone could fit into right.

    I can't be the only one, right?

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    • I believe Affinitas is actually an American brand.

    • >velociraptor

      I generally wear a 34FF or 34G in PbyA, which are too small for me in American sizing.

    • What I mean is that, Affintas is an American company. As far as I know, they follow UK sizing standards.

    • Yep, Affinitas and Parfait by Affinitas are headquartered in the U.S.; specifically in the City of Industry which is located just outside of South-East Los Angeles. From what I've ascertained through their online catalogs, Affinitas has their A-D product lines, and Parfait by Affinitas is D-G...with some sizing overlap that doesn't include all styles from both. So Affinitas will have a couple styles that go up to DD, but Parfait doesn't appear to ever have a style that is available in under a D.

      I plan to wash before the first non-try on wearing of any Parfait bra that I buy; whatever they apply to starch and protect the surfaces of the material makes me especially itchy, a problem that was resolved with washing my newest bra and panty by Parfait before even thinking about wearing them.

      I am going to sew some 2 3/4" black stretch lace over the original lace of the Parfait Tamara I have. That original lace is low quality and either tearing away from or developing a hole at the outer edge of both cups but using a seam ripper to properly detach it is a lot of work and removing it while raising the overall cup height for a slight bit more coverage would probably lead to problems with gore height and a proper look to the final results. A slight overlapping of the new wider lace onto the cup should produce the effect I want and solve the structural stabilization issue.

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  2. 0

    Used to fit

    The fit is good, however I find this bra to be very wide set. This is good for me, being wide set, but if the cups were any more separate there would be lots of problems. There's no quadboob; I fill the cups completely with no gaping or wrinkling.

    The straps are probably my favorite part about this bra. One of the few things I like about Parfait by Affinitas is that generally speaking, the straps are spaced further apart than most bras. I am 6' tall with broader shoulders, so I like having straps fit me where they fit on other women instead of being so ridiculously ... close to my neck like a lot of bras.

    The grey color reminds me of an elephant, but I love elephants.

    The fabric is much softer in this color than in my other Madeline (which is white). I found that to be kind of odd, but nice also, as my white one is sort of scratchy feeling.

    I really like this bra. I may consider altering the gore to bring the cups 1/4 inch closer together, but it is mostly a great fit.

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    Didn't fit

    I really wanted this to fit so badly! It was snug enough in the band and covered the sides of my boobs really well. There's just something about the top part, though, that either doesn't fit my shape well, or the cup size is just too small. I kept feeling like there wasn't enough top coverage even though there wasn't any noticeable quad boob. When I would lean down, though, the tops would just pop right out.
    I might try to find this in a 34G and see if that makes any difference.

    This bra is not owned any more

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  4. 0

    Didn't fit

    This bra is not wonderful fitting. It's slightly too big - which is fair, I ordered the wrong size and it was non-returnable - but more than that, I'm beginning to think that Parfait molded cup bras are just a little too open on top for me, because no matter the size, I can never fill up the top. Additionally, the "top" of the tear drop is too big for me, and has a tendency to rub against my armpits.

    Aside from that, the bra is nice, if a bit tight in the band. It loosened up after a few wears. It's got a sort of lacy overlay which is very pretty in a subtly way. The only thing I don't like about it is the lace edging, especially on the straps.

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  5. -

    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    This bra is not owned any more

    Added on Sep 26, 2014