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Bras » Panache » Confetti Underwire (4071) » 34GG 34:10

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage0.0
B. perimeter0.0
Stretched Band94.2
Band Length73.3
Cup width16.0
Cup depth30.2
Wire length34.3
Cup height0.0
Cup separation3.0
Gore height7.7
Wing height13.4
Strap width2.0

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  1. 0

    Didn't fit

    I really had high hopes for this bra, but it fell flat. I had heard this was a good bra for FOT boobs, but I had terrible spillage issues and the seam at the tops of the cups cup into my breasts very deeply. I had, not a quadra-boob, but a sextuple-boob effect! I don't know if the cup was just too small or what. The gore was a bit too wide as well. I prefer the gore on the Marcie or smaller than that. The bra was very well constructed and the appearance was very nice. The straps were slightly padded in the front, which made them very comfortable. And the band was also very comfortable. I appreciated the 3 rows of hooks instead of 2, as well! But, overall, too much spillage and cutting in. Very sad. Will be reselling.

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Jul 07, 2015 Flag this

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    • Looks like some of the other reviews of this bra here called it shallow - unlike marcie. so that could be part of the problem

    • dbmamaz - Thank you very much for your insight! I will use that when looking for my next bra.

    • The 'database' here is a great tool for bra shopping!

    • dbmamaz Yes, I've been using bratabase for quite awhile now. But lately I've been (repeatedly) hitting a wall. My size is a lot bigger than in the past, so the bras that used to work for me don't. Bigger cup sizes in the UK translate to super wide bras for some reason :(. And the options for full-on-top breasts are super limited anyway! Trying not to get too frustrated lol. I'm going to venture into the Polish world of bras for the first time, which is scary. Hopefully Ewa Michalak or Samanta will have some good fits for me, and I won't lose too much money with the trial-and-error!

    • amocleo , if you need any advice for Comexim I could help you out! I have FOT issues a lot myself and the Marcie is probably one of my best fitting ones. I haven't tried EM or Samanta but I've tried Avocado and Comexim. : )

    • I'm FOT too - Floris has been my best fit. I bought too EM bras but neither was quite perfect - but I do still wear them

    • kerniss - yes and yes! I am interested in comexim and the Marcie is my best bra "shape" fit so far, too. My biggest issue with marcie is that the band kills my sides - it always digs in really painfully after awhile and I've worn that bra when I was slimmer and bigger. Also, I need much narrower wires I believe. What are your tips for comexim?

    • amocleo , what kind of side pain? Like on the ribs maybe? And if you're looking for narrow wires, then YES Polish bras will have that for you! I actually think Cleo tends to be less "wide" than other brands in general but I totally feel you with the wide wire woes. And let's see.... I'm between a 28FF and a 30F right now, but my best Comexim size seems to be a 60HH. The sizing conversion can be really confusing, but I think a 60HH is basically the equivalent for many people of a 28FF. So I would say you may be a 75K, since you're 2 cup sizes up from me! If you have issues with bras biting your armpits, you can get the straps moved in which is an absolute godsend. I do see a few girls have 75J's listed so that could be a good starting point to check it out if you'd like!

    • kerniss The side pain I'm talking about is that is digs into the fat below my armpits pretty badly sometimes, but will be a bit loose in the middle of my back if that makes sense. And thanks for the help with Comexim sizing! I would have been way off. As soon as I get some extra cash I'm going to try them out. I like the Irish Coffee bra the most and your review on it was very helpful.

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  2. 0

    Hasn't set fit

    Beautiful bra suitable for wide set and shallow breasts

    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Aug 24, 2014 Flag this

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  3. -

    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    Added on Dec 14, 2012