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Bras » Panache » Ava Plunge Bra (9396) » 28F 28:7

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage69.7
B. perimeter23.8
Stretched Band73.2
Band Length59.6
Cup width13.5
Cup depth22.4
Wire length21.4
Cup height15.7
Cup separation2.2
Gore height4.8
Wing height9.3
Strap width1.4

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  1. 5

    Didn't fit

    MY SHAPE: round, projected, even, tall roots, close set, on the narrow end of average root width.

    THE TAKEAWAY: Elegant plunge style gives a more natural shape with low apex. Good for those who are wider set and/or outer full. This bra wants more separation than you'd think for a plunge! Ladies who are centerfull, look elsewhere.

    DETAILS: _Love_ this elegant gray number with contrasting cranberry bow! So very pretty. I'm a fan of plunges because I'm so close set, and the gore on this is super low and comfy (the underwires overlap at the center), but unfortunately this is otherwise a shape mismatch for me. There's an internal side ... sling in the cups which pushes my breast tissue towards the center, but not only does the side sling awkwardly indent into my breasts, there's also not enough cup fabric towards the center to adequately contain my already centerfull breasts. Thank goodness for stretch lace because it partially hides this fit issue from the front; however, I still get some minor quadding out of both cups. Sizing up won't help because the cups are already about 1/4-1/2" too wide for me.

    Shape-wise this is similar to the Cleo Piper, a less lifted, more natural shape. It's very slightly pointy, but no torpedo boobs like the Jasmine due to a lower apex. No cleavage to speak of. Those who are FoT might get slight cakes-on-plate if you don't quad out of the stretch lace first...

    I had a feeling this might have a stretchy band, so I sized down to a 28F. It's not crazy stretchy; I'm on the lower end of a 30 band and this wears like a slightly loose 28 (stretches to about 29"). I would not recommend sizing down unless you're in the bottom of your current band size.

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    Pearl Grey colorway

    Updated on Nov 04, 2016 Flag this

    • 1

      Thanks for this great review! I do love a grey bra,, Panache works for me more often than not, and all the information you provided is totally enabling me to order one for myself.

    • Beautiful on you!

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  2. 1

    Didn't fit

    The gore is too wide on this bra. I ordered a 30DD earlier but it was too small in the cups and too big in the band, so I got 28F instead, which is my usual size. I don't know why the 30DD came with an overlapped gore, but the 28F didn’t, so I took it apart and narrowed the gore. It gives a more comfortable and better fit when the cups are less far apart. There is some quadding along the centre at all times of my cycle. My boobs are bulging out the cups along the edge of the cups. There is also some wrinkling near ... the wires, but minimal and not a big problem. The wires are too wide, but every UK bra does that on me. The band is quite lose. I've only worn this bra a few times and already on the tightest hook. And it still feels like the wires are riding up or sliding down sometimes. I think this bra would be great for someone who has top and centre fullness and projected boobs like mine. Size is the major issue for me here.
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    Blush colorway

    This bra's measurements have been altered
    Narrowed gore

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  3. 0

    Used to fit

    I've been on a mail order bra buying blitz to find a size and style that works for me. So far, this brand/size/style is the closest fit I've found. (Though this is the only 28 band I've tried, after lots of 30DD/Es, and I'm realizing that could be the problem.) I like the style but it's nothing dazzling. The low gore and lace top leave me a wee bit jiggly/uncontained feeling because I've got softish tissue and center fullness. But this is minor. The cups are very slightly too wide, especially on one side, but again, really minor. Not much lift, but that's OK. Moderate but not super-strong push-in toward center from the side panel. I am learning side support is a feature to look for...

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  4. 0


    My shape: fairly projected, tall roots, soft tissue so my projection is all below my apex!, average to narrow roots.

    This bra is (in my inexperienced opinion!) more projected than the Andorra in this size, less projected than either Envy or Jasmine. It gives a more rounded shape than the Andorra, too - my suspicion is that it has more space in the lower section of the cup.

    The band is true to size, but made of a fairly soft/giving fabric so it feels bigger than it is. Stretching the band, the cups begin distorting at around the 28 inch mark, but the band itself feels loose on my 27 ... inch underbust. So I would not recommend for any sub-28s. The cup width is around average for this size - my bratabase measurement is tip to tip, but I also measured straight across as though the bra were a balconette and the wire continued some, and would put it at around the 5 inch mark. The cups are also deep, over 9 inches in this size - if you are a smaller 28F, you may want to size down. The lower portions of the cups are laminated lace, the upper section is stretch lace, the tension is even across the laminated and stretch lace so there is no in cup quad on me (my soft tissue has a general in-cup quad problem, so this is a surprise to me!).

    One problem is the side support - this is made of an entirely separate section which is only sewn to the cup on the outer edge. Something about the tension there plus my soft tissue means that in certain positions - esp. stretching up or down with my arms - the side support pushes literally *all* of my tissue into the rest of the cup, creating a very odd shape. Like my breast becomes a very very narrow and bizarre looking bulge. Hardly ever noticeable, but worth considering if you are thinking of this one for an occasion bra.

    Overall, I think this is a great bra for anyone who does well in the Andorra, but possibly for those who do well in deeper cups, too, like the Jasmine or Envy.

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    Blush colorway

    Updated on Apr 11, 2017 Flag this

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  5. -

    Didn't fit

    Didn't write a review

    Pearl colorway

    Added on Mar 23, 2018