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Bras » Mimi Holliday » Macaroon Fully Padded Super Plunge (SS2013) » 28D 28:4

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage68.6
B. perimeter18.4
Stretched Band68.6
Band Length55.9
Cup width11.0
Cup depth15.1
Wire length16.8
Cup height8.1
Cup separation2.7
Gore height4.8
Wing height6.7
Strap width1.0

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  1. 1

    Used to fit

    Here I have what I believe to be one of the last few @MimiHolliday bras in size 28:4 . Thanks to another user who pointed me towards the website selling a few. It was worth every penny. Most would probably feel that this bra may be too small, but it is perfect for me. The minimal coverage with nice lift and roundness, it is all I ever could have wanted.
    While the band measured true to size, while being worn it felt very stretchy and a bit loose. Therefore I made the decision to wear it on the second hook out of four. For whatever reason ... mimi Holliday bras, well at least the super plunge, have only one hook instead of two...which I really do not like. Even on my lean back it cause indents, "rolls." The band is made of a standard power mesh with a fairly soft high quality elastic.
    The straps are not 100% silk as is stated on Mimi Holliday descriptions every where. They are only half adjustable; the adjustable part is made of what I believe to be (perhaps fold over) elastic and the non-adjustable part is made of silk. They were very thin. Which is something that some people desire, while others do not like thin straps and prefer thicker more padded straps. I could see some one with a heavy bust not really liking these thin straps as they're likely to dig in. The silk is soft and smooth.
    Thankfully the foam the cups were made of were lined in cotton with nice flat seams. I tire of bare foam cups against my skin and don't understand why all companies don't simply line the foam. Foam is not the nicest feeling stuff. There are stiff tulle bows placed where the straps attach to the cups and at the gore. They are sheer and appear to be about the same color as the eyelash lace that decorates the cups. It's really hard for me to define just exactly what color it is because of the underlying pale pink. I think it may be a pale beige/peach color. The lace extends above the cups to decorate the breast and also extends below the cups to decorate the rib. The only reason this bra doesn't disappear under clothes is because the lace is gathered at one point on the bottom of the cup and is then spread across the rest of the cup. Hopefully the picture will be clearer than my description. The cup is compromised of a two piece cut and sew foam with one horizontal seam. Normally this would be very shallow cup. But because of the way the cup is assembled to the cradle it comes out at very horizontal angle. It doesn't come out as an L , a ninety degree angle, but more like an 70/80 degree angle. This makes this bra have all the projection while still coaxing the breast up into a nice rounded shape. The top part of the cup simply holds the breast in without cutting in. I would definitely call this an open top cup.
    The wires are pretty narrow and they touch at the top of the gore. About 4.3" at the top of the wires and 4" about a centimeter down. The gore does get wider towards the bottom of the gore, but it is not very tall. It's certainly not a gore I would typically attribute to a "super plunge," aka just a piece of fabric connecting the cups, but is more of an average gore height, IMO. The wires are softer like Comexims, but are not as flexible. So they're comfortable, stay put and don't flex around. This is where this bra definitely wins for me over the Cleo Maddie Moulded Bra I own. The wires come up high enough on the side to really hold my breast in shape, while following my breast root pretty nicely. I've yet to find a bra that doesn't sit on any tissue at all and this bra seems to do that pretty well. My Cleo bra has a taller cup height, but it allows my breast to escape out the the sides and doesn't hold me in place very well.
    All in all I would have to say that this bra is my favorite so far. So far it has been the only bra that I thought would be the best and ended up being the best. But not just about this bra specifically, about all of thr older Mimi Holliday Super Plunge Bras (maybe the newer ones). Now I really just need to get my hands on a non-padded version. I have only been able to find in 28C .....but am very tempted to take the PLUNGE, just to see. You know...for bra science. If you're aware of any older Mimi Holliday bras in the 28D/DD range being sold anywhere or you would like to sell, PLEASE CONTACT ME! I fear nothing like these exist these days. This bra worked out so well for me! I am only center full without much inner/outer fullness and am not particularly FOT or FOB. I am a bit conical, narrow-ish boobs, with -on the narrow side- of average root width, about average projection and tall-ish roots with breasts that act like they have short roots. I also believe the bra could work for a wide range of women unless you have wide roots, very heavy outer fullness that requires dedicated side support, someone whom requires very tall wires and wings, or you are VERY shallow as the bra does require some projection (although I suppose you could buy a smaller cup size, but that could risk nipple show-age!). Just about the only other women I can think of that this bra won't work for that isn't preference related is women with unusually high set nipples. We all *generally* want our nipples IN the bra. If you are FOB you may want to go up a size (or two since many women may want to go up a size for better coverage) to better lift and contain your tissue.

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    Pale Pink w/beige eyelash lace colorway

    Updated on Jan 20, 2018 Flag this

    • I just came across your review, not sure if you're already aware but I've just checked the Mimi Holliday site (as I often do, definitely my favourite brand aesthetics wise) and they seem to be making 28Ds again! I saw only one but it's one of their most recent designs. Hopefully this means they'll make more, don't lose hope! And maybe email them to say how happy you are they do 28s again so they know how important it is!

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  2. 0


    This is a perfect example of Mimi Holliday done right for small bands and breasts - big sigh that it is an old model no longer made. Comfortable all day and gives a wonderful shape to my profile. I am on the hunt for coordinating undies.

    Updated on Mar 29, 2019 Flag this

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