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Bras » Kris Line » Scheherazade Soft (L1105)

Scheherazade Soft (L1105)


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  1. 75 K-K ... (34 :16-:16)

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  1. UPDATE #3:
    I’ve decided I’m going to keep it!

    Besides the minor gore float issue, this baby fits like a glove. I might consider sizing up in other KL bras in the future, but I don’t think this one is so small that it’s worth sending back. Maybe this will be some incentive to lose a little weight lol!

    UPDATE #2: Although I’m still debating, I feel like after wearing it for a little while longer the 2nd night, I might keep it. I’m able to bounce and move and twist and it stays put. The wires are nice and firm in my IMF and the cups feel like they’re ... enclosing my boobs in a little boob-hug." alt=":)" /> Hopefully it isn’t a horrible fit the second after the tags come off, lol! (Maybe the tags are the magic to finding ABTF- and once they come off it’s like the magic goes away...just kidding! 🤪)

    UPDATE #1: I’m still on the fence about this one. The wires seems to be the absolute narrowest I can handle. I wore it around the house for about an hour and it wasn’t uncomfortable (except for the embroidery on the top of the cups getting a little itchy), and it seemed like the bra “settled” better where the gore was pretty much almost tacking. The square shape is still there, but I’m wondering if after a few washes if the seams would relax and make it less boxy. In terms of support, honestly I think this is the most supportive band I’ve ever had, and the cups may not be quite deep enough but it feels like a boob hug. I reached out to Magda about doing a return, but I don’t know, I might not want to let go of it after all. I’m just afraid once I take the tags off that it won’t fit anymore lol.

    It. Doesn’t. Fit! 😭

    I’m so disappointed. I was looking forward to this bra so much, and it’s discontinued so finding other sizes are really difficult.

    Overall, to the untrained eye it looks like a decent fit; however, I believe the wires are too narrow, the cups aren’t deep enough, and the gore doesn’t tack (as a result of the cup depth). Weirdly enough, there aren’t really wrinkles from the projection, maybe just a little bit not horrible.

    The quality is great, it’s not itchy or uncomfortable. The fabric is beautiful. The green color is so nice, and I’ve been really wanting a green bra for some time now. The band is so silky and smooth!

    Comfort-wise, the narrow wires didn’t bother me, but I did notice they left marks on tissue which of course is a huge no-no. Also, the gore didn’t tack and seemed to favor the larger side, so it rested there and rubbed.

    Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been so bummed about a bra! I’ve been eyeing this one and I couldn’t wait for it to come, but I think it’s a fail. 😞 I’m going to attempt to exchange it if I can, but I can’t find a 34KK anywhere, next best option is a 36K, but my biggest fear is that the wires will still be too narrow and a shape mismatch.

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    Emerald colorway

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    • aww noo! It looks so pretty but the shape is so .. square. How strange.

      I think it's a shape mismatch for you this one. Hope the next is better :D

    • alidieux I noticed that too! Is like it has immediate projection, but it goes way out and then a harsh angle up.

      I think the weird puckering is caused by the embroidery? Idk it just looks so weird. I’m really bummed out. I’m hoping I can do a return or exchange, so I may try the 36K just to see but if that doesn’t work I’ll probably give up on this one. Sucks! It’s so pretty.

    • 1

      alidieux sorry to bug you again lol. I took other pictures today and the side view is much rounder of a profile than the one I took yesterday. The only spot that looks weird is where my nipple is because it was cold when I took the picture. 😂 Anyway, I’m still debating. I’m giving it another sitting-around-the-house wear just to see how the marks look from the wires and see how bad it moves from it’s placement (or doesn’t, would be okay too!)

      I’m not sure if much more depth is needed or not. I can’t tell if I’m just trying to cling to anything I can to keep it lol. It has such a good lift and it’s just so pretty!

    • Which ones did you take today (if u uploaded them)? The ones where you have a shirt over , the shape looks great :P

      You sound like me with the Bravissimo Jenna. Ultimately I am returning it, because the cons outweighted the pros, so maybe you should keep a little list of the pros and cons and see which way you sway.

      I kinda do a little dance where I move and twist my body around for a minute or so to see how the bra moves with my body, and jiggle around to kinda simulate how the bra might end up after a day at work etc..

      I hope you do find it comfortable since you are in love with the bra! I know the feeling :D

    • 1

      I just added them, they’re the ones with the shirt pulled up so you can see the bra!

      Honestly, it survives the bounce-them-up-and-down jiggle test lol! I’m also an activities director for seniors so I practiced some of our exercise moves and it seems to stay put. I guess the main thing will be where the wires sit, and it’s a lot easier to see that when the bra is off. Best description of how it feels is it feels like a boob hug, it’s a gentle little squeeze but not tight or uncomfortable, if that makes sense!

    • Fingers crossed! It does look great, so let's hope if you take the tags off, wear it for a day, it's still comfortable :P

      I suppose you could really squeeze it into your body right now while you test wear it to see where the marks hit.

    • Im too sleepy, to see if that creates marks from the wire so you can see where it hits.. is what I meant.. I think. did that even make more sense? idk. it's 6 am I should go to bed before I speak more gibberish :P

    • I knew what you meant! :)
      Thanks for your thoughts and hope you have a good sleep!

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