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Bras » Kris Line » Brillant Biustonosz Soft (5305) » 75KK 34:17

Measurement Cm
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Fits ribcage88.2
B. perimeter43.2
Stretched Band91.3
Band Length73.0
Cup width16.8
Cup depth37.6
Wire length34.4
Cup height26.0
Cup separation1.6
Gore height9.4
Wing height11.8
Strap width2.4

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  1. 4

    Didn't fit

    This is the first of a few Polish bras I bought on reddit. My first try with Kris Line.
    The sizing of KL is kinda difficult to figure out. They don't follow EU sizing like other Polish brands (Ava, Gorsenia, Comexim...) where my size of 32J/JJ usually translates to 70M/N. Also they don't follow UK sizing as they don't go up in inch per cup size but in 2cm steps. So buying this bra was kind of a shot in the dark. Since it was very afforable I took the risk and just hoped for the best.

    The bra looks really nice, materials feel good on the skin, the ... straps are a dream of every big chested girl as they are super wide and comfy! The wires don't look very narrow to me, more average, the cups are deep and roomy. The cups are made of 2 layers of thin non stretchy embroidered mesh. The material is very light weight. The band is made of thick elastic fabric. The is some side boning which kinda annyoys me, it's very weak but it still stabs a bit.

    My shape: tall, narrow to average wide roots, full on top, projected, center heavy

    This size 75KK is actually too big for me. By the look of it and measurements I would say it equals to UK 34JJ-K. The band is stretchy and too large for me even if I close it on the tightest setting. (But also too big cups make a band feel larger!) The cups are too tall (!) for me and too large on top. I fill out the bottom just fine and there is no wrinkling. So the bra has good projection from the wire and would work very well for fob shapes. The straps are 3cm wide and feel fantastic, I just wish they werent so wide set.

    I cannot say if the bra is supportive in large sizes, as this bra doesn't do much for me my but maybe it's because it is too big? The top part of the cups I cannot fill. I assume it's about 2 cup sizes too big? So this would mean my KL size would be 75JJ or 70K? I don't think it's a bad bra and if I get the change I'd love to try 70K and see if the fit issues go away in a smaller size.

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    This bra is not owned any more

    Updated on Aug 03, 2020 Flag this

    • 2

      I have been wondering about Kris Line. I see them on sale at Zulilly from time to time. This is a helpful review. 6.9" width seems like it is fairly wide, but with depth of 15.0" and depth ratio 2.2 -- it does not look too wide in side view.

    • I just measured the bra and was surprised the cup depth is about what I need currently in a bra! I held the bra over another bra I worn and tried to pull the band around me and as tight as possible and it looked like the cups suddenly fit?! I think I could alter down the band on it and actually wear it then.

      dfe98we Interesting about those measurements. Can we compare bras here by their depth ratio? Or do we have to do the math ourselves :D

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  2. 3


    I already own this in 75K in black, but some days it's a little small so I figured I'd get it in 75KK because I made an order directly from Kris Line, and it was on sale for ~16 pounds! Bargain.

    I really love my black version of this, it's super comfortable. Putting this one on, it's crazy how stretched out the band is on my other one lmao. I could fasten this one and it's perfectly snug. That's what I love most about KL bras, the band sizes are really true to size I feel. They're never too small or too big like other brands usually are.

    The fit ... I honestly don't really notice a difference in the cup between the K and KK. I always had empty space in the top of the cup becaue this bra has a bit of an odd shape, but it doesn't show or affect the fit on me overall, so I ignore the wrinkling. The rest of the cup fits basically the same as my K cup one.

    The looks of this one in white is beautiful. It's super bridal. I usually don't go for white because I fake tan but for the price and since I knew it would fit me I'm not gonna complain. And if I feel like a bride in it, I don't see how that's a bad thing anyway haha. Sometimes white/beige bras can feel very maternal/grandma but this one is definitely not that so that's awesome" alt=":P" />

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    white colorway

    Updated on May 08, 2021 Flag this

    • Interesting fit notes. Thanks, alidieux !

    • Oohh interesting I didn't even know KrisLine did direct orders?

      Immediately checked out their site - but too bad for me, they don't ship to the US (:

    • 1

      It seems they ship to a select few EU countries. The shipping was 61 PLN to sweden which is a little expensive but it arrived really fast and since I bought 2 bras, one being this one for really cheap, it was still cheaper than buying from the UK, especially now after brexit.

    • Congrats on finding another bra that fits - more or less :) I recently tried my 34KK to check, since I went up like 1 cup since I got it. Still got empty space on top so I totally get what you say about the odd cup fit. But if it doesn't bother you, just ignore it.

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  3. 2

    Didn't fit

    I’m not sure about this one.

    I love the look of the black Brilliant in other sizes, but for some reason this larger size looks...weird. And not super sexy like the other ones I’ve tried (80HH was cute!)

    This ends up full coverage looking, and it’s not super flattering imho ON ME.

    The overall fit is fine, it checks all the boxes, but it just seems large. I know alisa and alidieux have both tried Brilliant in this size or similar sizes and weren’t too thrilled with it either. The cups are very tall, and I do have some space at the top, ... but it isn’t super noticeable. The gore softly tacks, but it’s higher than most gores I wear so that’s probably why. The band is a good length, it has a little give to it but not much. The cups themselves are pretty narrow! Almost too narrow, but they still fit.

    This bra also feels like it isn’t supportive enough! I feel like it looks like a pair of tube socks with baseballs in them. It just looks so saggy! I feel like I almost have the straps ratcheted all the way and my boobs are still not supported.

    The material is fine, typical Kris Line double mesh. It’s comfortable, but just weird.

    I’ll probably keep it just because I don’t want to deal with shipping it back to Poland, but idk. I wanted it so badly and I wanted it to fit and it does but it’s just...weird.

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    Black colorway

    Updated on Apr 02, 2021 Flag this

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      Even though the fit is kinda weird this bra is super comfortable and I'm sure you'll find use for it!! I wear mine a lot :D

    • 1

      Also I dont think it looks like a weird shape on you though. Yes it's a different shape from other bras but I like how this bra looks under clothes, I almost feel a bit minimized!

    • 1

      I think it’s a cup size too big. You can kind of get this torpedo shape and not enough support when the cup is too big because you’re just kind of flopping around instead of having the fabric slightly push back and hold your tissue. Or it might be the shape, I’m not as knowledgeable about Kris Line.

    • 1

      cupandahalf I definitely think it’s a little of both, honestly. This particular KL style seems to run large, but I wasn’t able to get it in a 34K (it’s been discontinued). I also think it’s the shape of the cups as well, they’re very tall and basically look like slings (probably because they’re big). It’ll be a good one to lay around the house in, but I don’t think I’d be able to wear it long-term. I tried today and only got through about 4 hours before wanting to take it off. 😣

      In terms of the shape, more of my other KL bras give a very rounded shape, so again probably a bit of a size issue and a bit of a style issue.

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  4. 0


    This fit really well in the band and cups, but the straps are quite wide set. It's pretty uncomfortable, but only because of the straps. I'll see if using a racerback bra clip will help, if not I'll have to move the straps.

    Edit: I removed the plastic boning on the sides because it was poking me, which also some how made the straps more comfortable. I also removed the bows because they had weird little white plastic buckles on them and they looked cheap.

    Red colorway

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      If you have any questions, please contact:

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  5. Didn't write a review

    coffe colorway

    Added on Jul 20, 2016